Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Coconuts on the Costa...

DAY 80 today of juice feasting for me…eeeeeeeek…how did THAT happen…? Just all slipped by…
I remember David Rain mentioning before I started this that by Day 80 of his first feast, he was still having solid bowel movements. I was so surprised and yet, here I am too, 80 days in and in the same position…it’s so curious…I can definitely feel there is still a lot of cleansing work for this body to go through yet…I can imagine I will enjoy to take a break from juice feasting after this, get back into the world of solids for a while, then return to juice feasting again at some point in the future…

Today I have had…

300ml water
600ml orange juice with hemp oil
400ml watermelon juice
1.2 litres pineapple/celery/mint juice
water of 1 old coconut with greens
1 packet sugar cane
1 tbsp pollen
400ml water
½ tbsp coconut oil
½ tbsp kelp with cayenne
500ml orange juice
water of one old coconut with greens

which be…about 4 litres of liquid today…or about a gallon…wow, not much today…and precious little greens…hmmmmm…I feel it too – my body is very sensitive now and not having greens feels less than optimal right now…it was a very full-on day for me here though and my juice choices were all quite ‘fast’ for that reason…except the pineapple/celery/mint earlier in the day, which felt EXTREMELY powerful to me – it actually raised my heart beat too – it was potent…

Another question

are you able to find coconut butter/oil easily in costa rica? i cannot find it here in brazil. interestingly i am in bahia, the state of coconuts and no oil/butter. i guess all of it gets exported from here.

Hmmmmm, yes, a very similar situation here in Costa Rica…abundance of FRESH coconuts, but no oil/butter to be found…people in fact seem to often throw the coconut meat away here – just drink the water…well, maybe more so with the young cocos than the old…definitely seems like an untapped market though – no coconut oil here that I’ve ever seen…I use Cocopura stuff that I brought down here from the States…it’s divine…feels very clean and pure to me – from the South Pacific Islands…

I do love coconuts...they are truly amazing sources of nourishment...I love that we are able to live on just their water for extended periods - they provide all that we need and were indeed 'life-savers' for me today in my busy state, to just reach for one, poke a whole through one of the 'eyes' and stick a straw in...I feel very grateful to be in a place where they are available in such abundance...

I’m pretty much off honey at the moment. I feel like it’s triggering too much unmanageable sugar stuff for me – I have a bit and want more and I’m sure any lingering candida get more enjoyment out of it ultimately than I do, so, I’ve stopped using it.
My energy at the moment in general is very good. I sleep around 7 hours a night, wake up refreshed and ready to go, feel sustained pretty much consistently during the day and then wind down towards sleep around midnight. It feels like a very nice, stable, healthy pattern to me. I think back to how much my energy jolted around all over the place nearer the beginning of this feast and see that I am so much clearer and more stable now…nice… :)

Here’s to my last couple of weeks of juicy living – for now :)
One love,
Angela. xxx

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  1. Hi Angela. what to do if organic is out of reach? I live in a country where organic is very expensive, the greens for the juice would be about 10-15$ for 2 pounds. I would love to do a juice feast but financing it is a problem.
    Regards Anne