Saturday, 17 February 2007

New Pics on Day 90...

DAY 90…well, well, well…nearly done now...into the final 48-hours of full-on juicy action...
A few days back Audry posted a comment on this blog enquiring abt weight loss and to see more recent pics of me –

There is one thing I am very curious about: pictures of you during this feast.
Have you grown to be very, very thin? Would you mind posting some pictures of what you look like right now? If you have lost a significant amount of weight on this feast, how do you feel about the way your body looks? Is is mentally/emotionally difficult to see yourself very thin?

…well, here we are…today I was excited to get my hair cut, so took a few snaps – here are some before/afters from today…

In response to the questions, I do not feel I am ‘very very thin’ right now, though I am definitely smaller than when I started feasting. I believe I have lost somewhere around 18lbs during this feast – I’ll find some scales to measure that properly in the next couple of days…
I feel great about the way my body looks at the moment. I feel like it is getting healthier all the time and a very good weight for my size and build (I’m 5’7” and currently around 138lbs/62kg). I am in fact a bit surprised that I have not become excessively thin at any point during this feast, which suggests that for me, there is likely still significant cleansing work to do at some point in the future, to really clean out deeper before more re-building. I’m prepared for that and happy to be where I’m at with things right now.
I enjoy this new body. It is always so much fun for me these days to go clothes shopping for I actually bought a top which is XS size…XS…I used to be XXXL…imagine…little things like that are fun for me to experience and acknowledge…it’s such a different reality for me now…and I love it :)

Today I have had:

1 litre (1 quart) water
1.2 litre (1.2 quarts) pineapple/celery/red pepper juice
1 litre (1 quart) watermelon juice
1 packet sugar cane sticks
water one old coconut with green powder
1 litre (1 quart) celery/red pepper/garlic/orange juice
1 tsp coconut oil
750ml (3 cups) water

which is about 5.5 litres of liquids…or…1.45 gallons
yes…my juice intake has definitely become very simple of late – the same kind of mixes, small amounts, minimum hassle…I feel like I’m just finally getting a really good handle on this whole juicing business – and now my feast is nearly ending… ;) well, that's the learning curve I guess...and I will naturally carry on juicing daily
Today I was reading other peoples’ online accounts of coming off feasts/fasts…many seem to find it extremely challenging to not overeat - especially during the initial stages of feast breaking – it was a bit disturbing to read, especially as someone with a definite background in food addiction issues, but I was glad to be reading it now – I feel like it steeled me further in my desire to eat ‘optimally’ for this body from here on in…

One love to all,
Angela. xxx


  1. you look amazing! (and i love the new hair :) i have been following your blog for a few months now and it has been very inspiring, a daily reminder to do my juicing and to try and stay away from heavy stuff and bad food combos! thanks for your dedicated blogging and good luck with your transition back to solids!

  2. Angela -

    You look amazing!

    Congratulations from both of us. You have our deepest respect and admiration.

    - Heidi & Justin

  3. Hi Angela,

    THANK YOU so MUCH for addressing my questions and posting all the new pictures!!!!! If you have some full body shots and don't mind sharing, please post those also. Angela, thank you for posting so faithfully to your blog during these last 3 months and thank you for being such an honest and free-spirited voice for optimum health via raw, organic fruits and vegetables. I have a personal theory that you and your work are and will continue to be a source of incredible consciousness shifting. Thank you for showing by example how someone can find incredible ways of experiencing life by looking deep inside his/her own self. You are a great inspiration.