Monday, 5 February 2007

Procrastination and Perception Shifts...

So, today I made a big decision which has been many days coming…I decided to stay in Costa Rica for another month…eeeeeeeeeeek…it has felt like a really tough one to decide, but the deed is now done, ticket changed and I feel relief to have come to a decision point. Feels good. The one concern for me with it right now is that there is not really a good machine here for me to make juice with anymore…the little liquidizer I began using seemed very unhappy today…I don’t think it wants to play juicing games anymore…hence the predominance of coconut water and orange juice in my intake today…a friend lent me a little juicer tonight though and I might be able to borrow a Champion for a while too, so…we’ll see…it really doesn’t phase me much right now – as I’ve written before, I feel so utterly IN juicing mode right now, smthg like this definitely doesn’t sway me back towards solids…I will get my juice somehow ;)

Today I have had:

1 litre (1 quart) water
400ml (1.5 cups) orange juice with hemp oil
1 litre (1 quart) watermelon juice
700ml (2.5 cups) pear/celery/parsley juice
water of 1 old coconut with green powder
1 packet sugar cane
water of 1 green coconut
750ml (2.75 cups) orange juice
½ tbsp kelp with cayenne
water of 1 old coconut with green powder
750ml (2.75 cups) mango water

which is about…5.5 litres of liquids or…about 1.45 gallons

Day 78 today…I feel like a marathon runner with this…I’m so ‘in the zone’ now – the juicing zone…once I got past the initial hurdles and set-ups and mind games to get myself into a juicing framework, then I was just there, in it, nothing to think about anymore…it feels so easy to be doing this now and yet before I started, it seemed like such a big deal…
I notice that pattern again and again in my life though, with so many things…it so often seems like things are going to be such a big challenge, but as soon as I just bite the bullet and get on with them, I’ll find that soon enough I’ve softened and found myself in that activity and am actually usually enjoying it. I just need to get past that initial procrastination/fear stage. The more I look at this pattern though, the easier it gets for me to be able to move through things faster, for which I am very grateful. Something which may have taken me months to work through before may now be dealt with in a matter of weeks or even days/hours, depending on how ‘on the ball’ I’m feeling…it’s enjoyable for me to see that shift in my being…

One love,
Angela. xxx

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  1. Dear Angela,

    I have been fascinated by your blog since I found it. There is one thing I am very curious about: pictures of you during this feast. I have always shyed away from juice fasts or any kind of fasts and have embraced eating raw foods/soups/smoothies instead. Though I have never been enamored much with the idea of juice fasting, I feel strangely drawn to it all of a sudden after reading about your personal endeavors and experience with juice feasting. My main concern is weight loss. I am 5'7'' and weigh somewhere around 135-140lbs, I believe. I am afraid of losing too much weight if I were to do the 92 day fast. While I certainly feel that my frame could stand to lose 15-20 pounds or so, maybe even 30, I don't know if it would be good to lose much more than that. Have you grown to be very, very thin? Would you mind posting some pictures of what you look like right now? If you have lost a significant amount of weight on this feast, how do you feel about the way your body looks? Is is mentally/emotionally difficult to see yourself very thin?

    With much thanks,
    Audry from New Orleans, Louisiana