Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Raw in the Windy City...

Alrighty, I am now rawking it big stylee in Chicago :) WOW, this city is buzzzzzzing with raw activity…amazing…speakers, pot lucks, 2 raw restaurants…and it’s so far NORTH – it’s not the likeliest of raw locations after all – great work, people ;)
I headed out here yesterday from Michigan, on the train. It was fun – it was a long time since I’d been on a train and I do love that form of transport…it lulled me to sleep and in between snoozing I saw beautiful scenery…Michigan reminds me very much of England…it is soooooooo different to California, where I’ve been for the last month…here it seems like it’s all greens and flat corn fields and big stark heavy trees…whereas Southern Cali seems like all deserts and palms and orchards…I LOVE all the old houses I see over this side of the country too – sooooooo sweet, all the old farm houses and town houses- I’ve never noticed the contrast so clearly before between these areas that were settled so much earlier and the ‘baby’ west coast cities in comparison…

On April the 16th I had:

1.5 litres water
bowl of rawldorf salad with crispy kale croutons
500ml veggie juice
400ml green smoothie
500ml water
500ml hemp shake
2 apples
300ml water
nori rolls with spicy sunflower seed pate and salad
300ml Treasure Tea
400ml water

I stopped by Karyn’s raw restaurant in Chicago in the afternoon, which was fun – this place has been going for many years it seems, in different locations and forms…and is now a thriving, beautifully presented place…with some really pretty packaged raw foods and some of the most amazing looking raw desserts I’ve ever seen – like in a bakery – big stacked-up cakes with icing ontop that looks like doughnut icing ;) nice work…

Today I have had:

1.5 litres water
300ml Treasure Tea
500ml water
600ml green veggie juice
avo blended with basil, hot pepper and lemon with nori and flax crackers
500ml water
big slice of watermelon
500ml water
2 apples
500ml water
300ml tea

I’m really into liquids right now…my body doesn’t seem so interested in anything heavy, even though I’m in a colder place…it’s all about simplicity right now…I think the foods I had in Cali for the last month were often so complicated that my body is enjoying some ‘downtime’ right now ;) I LOOOOOOVED having straight green juice again today for example – I’ve been having my greens with carrot a lot lately and forget just how much I love the straight greens on their own…yummmmmmmmm…
Don’t forget, this month’s RawReform Prize Giveaway is all about the greens too – if you’re interested in winning a stash of yummy green superfood powder, just email angela@rawreform.com and answer this Q :

How do YOU enjoy your greens?

We ALL need plenty o’greens for balancing, alkalising and re-mineralising…so let’s share some tasty ways to pack them into our days…
I spoke at the beautiful Yoga Now studio in Chicago tonight – it has a lot of lovely cob artwork inside…very nice people and great atmosphere…we sat together on cushions and I spoke about my journey, top tips for being raw healthily and Juice Feasting – three members of the audience were all Juice Feasters – very cool ;) I love connecting with this community...
Tomorrow I speak at Cousin’s raw restaurant, which will be another exciting new experience – hope you can join us there from 6.30 if you’re in the area…
By the way, in case you didn’t catch it, today was the new moon in Aries – according to the fabulous astrologer Lisa Dale Miller this is the new moon for…

"…fresh starts, turning over a new leaf or starting a new phase. Aries is all about adventure and the indomitable spirit of the adventurer. This is also the New Moon to reinvigorate your lust for life. Go on an adventure, be spontaneous, or just do something wild and crazy. There is a time and place for play, and this is the New Moon to remember that all work and no play make us very dull people! So use your ritual to figure out how to bring more fun into your life! After all, life is just a big adventure."
"One more thing: Aries rules sports and exercise. Spring has arrived and if you have been couch-potatoing all winter long, it's time to get out and start moving your body! This is the ideal New Moon for starting an exercise program and making it a natural part of your daily routine. Just taking a 30-minute brisk walk each day can increase your health dramatically! For those of you who are already active and may want to take on a special challenge, this is the New Moon to initiate that dream of doing your first marathon or triathlon. One thing Aries knows for sure: life is what you make it! So make it exciting and full of joy!"

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm-hmmmmmmmmm…amen to that, sister ;) If you want to read her whole wonderful article about this moon, please visit: http://astrowisdom.com/thisnewmoon.htm

All love,
Angela. xxx


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