Saturday, 7 April 2007

Easter-time Explorations...

Public Service Announcement: it has been decided that the term ‘blog’ is a little too unpleasant sounding to convey the beauty of sharing one’s personal truth with the rest of the universe. Thus henceforth, the title ‘E-Journal’ will be used in preference (at least here and in my head, if not elsewhere… ;)

On April the 6th I had:

500ml water
500ml herbal tea
700ml veggie juice
bowl of ‘Apple Flax’ – shredded apples combined with ground flax seeds, goji berries, spirulina, mesquite powder
500ml herbal tea
bowl of raw ice cream
500ml water
700ml veggie juice
bowl of salad with avo, olives and tomato. Flax crackers with seed cheese.
2 homemade raw chocolate balls
1 litre water

Spent a great evening with lovely new friends this was interesting, as most of us there were people very immersed in a raw food lifestyle, yet one of those gathered is new to the idea. It struck me that our meandering conversations about nutrients, eating styles and fast-breaking techniques perhaps seemed quite peculiar to him…which he did indeed later confirm ;) He likened the experience to how he imagines the ‘average woman’ feels when he speaks about football moves…lol ;) It felt refreshing to hear this ‘outside’ perspective on such an occasion…I spend most of my time surrounded by raw food people/places/events etc and to share space with someone for whom it is an oddity rather than the norm was eye-opening…

Today I have had:

700ml water
700ml veggie juice
bowl of amazing apple ‘pasta’ with sauce of blended young coconut meat/water, cinnamon, raisins, goji berries, chopped figs
500ml water
500ml herbal tea
700ml veggie juice
serving of ‘rawvioli’ made with seed cheese wrapped in a ‘skin’ of coconut meat blended with salt and cayenne pepper (see pic above). Salad of spiral sliced jicama/turnip/carrot/beetroot with a sundried tomato sauce.
Bowl of raw coconut ice cream
1.5 litres water

We have been having massive fun with the Spirooli slicer today. This style of spiral slicer is sadly no longer in production, but produces the BEST noodles from any hard veg like carrots, squashes, jicama etc. The noodles come out in these INCREDIBLE thick, crunchy long strands that you can cut down into shorter pieces if you like, or leave in outrageously long threads to enjoy with a loved one ‘Lady and the Tramp’ style ;) Using apples in this slicer was new for me today and seemed like it would be a GREAT meal to use for kids especially…fun and sweet and tasty and simple…YUMM ;)
THANK YOU to all who participated in last month’s Prize Giveaway from The Raw Chocolate Company. Up-for-grabs were 3 CASES of phenomenal raw bars from these outstanding raw chocolatiers, based in Brighton, England. Handmade with love and only the finest raw ingredients, there are currently five different bars in their range: Cacao Bar, Vanoffe (my personal favourite raw bar ;), Sunberry, Pith Dark and ‘Bonkers’…
To enter the giveaway, readers submitted their answers to the following question:

What is your favourite home-made yummy raw treat…?

And WOW…what a treasure-trove of responses we received… ;)
There could only be three winners though, drawn at random, so, here they are…


Rosemary Hudson Jocelyn K (from AZ)


Lauren Sina

Your chocolate treats will be winging their way to you soon…

To see the amazing homemade treats these women prepare – Rosemary’s ‘Avonanamon’ pudding, Jocelyn’s incredible Choc-o-Nut Brownie and Lauren’s ‘Mango Heaven Tartlets’, visit the new RawReform Readers’ Recipes page, here:

Even if you didn’t win a prize this time, if you’re around in the UK, you can actually learn how to make your own incredible raw creations with the Raw Choc masters themselves in Brighton. Their next workshop is on Saturday 12 May 2007 from 10-6pm, with head chef Amy Levin. For more info, call 01273 677821 or contact

Happy Easter to all who enjoy this holiday ;)
One love,
Angela. xxx


  1. angela blog is a beutiful word give it another chance. looking forward to speaking tuesday night

  2. e-journal has a great sound to it. like that a lot.