Saturday, 14 April 2007

Gotta Have JUICE...

Wheeeeewww…big travelling day today…up at 5.30am and on the road/in the air most of the day…all the way from LA to the Creative Health Institute in Michigan…yeeeeeee-HAH :) Very happy to be here – it seems like a wonderful place and very greeeeeeeeeen…
I saw some amazing scenery on the way here – spectacular views of the Grand Canyon…then the desert gave way to rivers and tundra into mountains and snow and forests, then flat farmland and more desert…so many contrasts and SOOOOO much space and wilderness…very dramatic and beautiful for me to witness…
I felt sad to be leaving somewhere again – SoCal has been a great ‘home’ for me for the last month, with wonderful friends and community…I felt in a sleepy, hazy daze most of the day today while travelling and disconnecting myself from all that – like I was mainly in the lower ‘reptilian’ part of my brain. It was quite a blur and my energy felt mostly inward – it was challenging for me to try to ‘take much in’ beyond the bare minimum essentials of where to put my feet next to get to the right gate on time and when to get off planes, etc…and arriving into grey clouds, drizzle and the cold of the north felt like quite a shock to the system…;) I think I’ll be needing to get some more appropriate warm clothing over the next few days…it’s definitely cosy here at CHI though and I’m looking forward to speaking here tomorrow…

Today I have had:

1 litre water
2 apples
500ml water
banana/chocolate chews
500ml water
blended fig/coconut/dulse mix with spinach and nori
500ml water
handful of goji berries
1 litre water

Today was the first day in a loooong time that I had no juice all day. Feels kind of strange. I got a nice little message from the universe abt it too, as I sat waiting in an airport lounge between planes today – a guy came over to plug his phone into the wall for charging and commented to me ‘gotta have juice’ :) He was speaking in regard to his phone needing energy, but I got the bigger message… ;) I don't know any airlines that serve green juice...YET ;) One day a raw airline fuelled on...hemp oil...will exist, with cushions and chaise longues for seating, no armrests or seatbacksuprighttraytableinpositionplease announcements, green juice on tap and space for the flight attendants to hold yoga classes...but for now, just getting onboard with some water seems often like a big enough challenge... ;)
Speaking of Juice – we will be doing a lot more of that again, starting this Monday, with the Juice Feasting Conference Calls…there is still space to join us for this 4 week series of talks on all things juicy and abundant ;) The themes for the 4 weeks will be:

1. Practicalities
2. Hopes and Fears
3. Social Issues
4. Breaking a Juice Feast

...4 hours of quality liquid-based conversation, with all your Qs A-ed, for just $70 (abt £35)…bargain (plus you get to listen back to it whenever you like) …;) You can read more abt it all and sign up, HERE:,shop.product_details/flypage,shop.flypage/product_id,36/category_id,12/manufacturer_id,0/option,com_virtuemart/Itemid,55/

Hope you can join us ;)
All love,
Angela. xxx


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