Saturday, 28 April 2007

Juicy Details...

Alright, you asked, we delivered...there has been such a huge, wonderful amount of interest in Juice Feasting of late and so many of you have been asking to hear the playback of the first, free JF teleconference call that we held a few weeks back. Unfortunately, the recording feature was not working at that point, so there was no playback available. Well, now we've remedied that. The wonderful Michelle and I did a re-record this evening and it is now available for your listening pleasure, by calling this number:

Playback Number: (641) 985-5000

and entering this access code: 355313#

This is a one-hour, FREE intro talk all about Juice Feasting and is available for you to listen and re-listen to as it suits you - Enjoy ;)

If you would like to participate more in such calls, we are delighted to announce that we will be holding a 4-week series of Juice Feast teleconference calls, starting Monday May the 7th (US: 6pm PDT, 9pm EST) and running for 4 consecutive Monday evenings. For more details about this and to sign up, please see here:,shop.product_details/flypage,shop.flypage/product_id,36/category_id,12/manufacturer_id,0/option,com_virtuemart/Itemid,55/

Yesterday - April the 27th, I had:

500ml water
500ml tea
1 litre celery/red pepper/garlic/hot pepper/orange juice
250ml water
1 litre carrots/kale/spring greens mix
200ml water
1 litre strawberries/cucumber/chard/pear
200ml water
1 litre pineapple/romaine/mint
300ml water

I am feeling so great back on juice and all the women here on retreat with me in Michigan seem to be having a wonderful time of it too - we are so blessed - a wonderful group of goddesses, many of whom have never even HAD fresh juice before, all living a liquid lifestyle and loving it - we're into day 3 of this Juice Feast and it is all flowing fact, one woman who had never really even heard anything abt raw foods before joining us here, announced today that she might continue after the retreat for the full 92 days... ;O wow...lives are truly transforming here in front of our eyes...and it is beautiful...

Today I have had:

600ml water
400ml orange juice
1 litre pineapple/greens
1 litre romaine/dandelion
200ml orange juice with hemp oil
1.5 litres green juice
500ml water
1.5 litres greens with carrots
250ml water

It feels as if a canker sore is working its way out inside my lower lip, so I moved over to mainly greens today. It was soooo great to have the OJ/hemp oil combo again though - wow, I'd totally forgotten about that - used to have that almost every day while doing the 92-Day Juice Feast...feels soooo good to me...
A local herbalist came and led us on an herb walk today in the glorious spring sunshine - it was SO great - I love seeing the greenery through the eyes of someone who knows what they're looking me it is often just a beautiful blur of green, but seeing it all with someone who can describe the different properties of the little beings we're encountering is wonderful...we are on Native American land and were watching out for encounters with any power animals too - the first one I met was some outlandish-looking BRIGHT green little bug - it was so bright it almost didn't look real - like a cartoon or smthg...hmmmmmmmmmm, I'm not sure what that says abt me... ;)
So, we're getting PLENTY of greens in here, but how about you? Remember that the RawReform giveaway this month is all about greeeeening ourselves up, with a giveaway of a free canister of green powder - to be in with a chance of winning, all you have to do is email your answer to the following question to

How do you enjoy your greens?

Best wishes and all blessings for now,

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  1. The call recording is great, thank you, thank you, thank you. Input: the person interviewing Angela talks way too much and I wish the whole call wasn't so long, that is a limitation for this media, I can only pause it for so long, unlike on a computer where I can walk away. I had to quit the call after 38 min.

    Where can I find info on comparing juicing vs. smoothying, I want to understand your take on why you don't want the pulp to slow the sugar absorption, increase nutrients. Again thanks so much, from another fan of yours,