Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Hunts and Hoops...

This was a wonderful Easter Sunday for me :) I woke at about 5am, excited to get up and prepare Easter Hunt Trails for my two housemates :) As a child, my dad always prepared these for my sister and I at Easter – it was one of the highlights of the year for me. I would awaken on Easter Sunday morning, so excited, looking for the first of many clues that would lead us on a trail all over the house and garden, searching for our hidden stashes of chocolate easter eggs…all the clues would rhyme and lead us from one place to another, until in an excited frenzy we would throw open the door to some cupboard or the washing machine or something, to reveal sweet stacks of chocolate treats…it was SO much fun ;) wow…we received and ate such incredible amounts of chocolate back then – up to maybe 15 different packaged easter eggs from the big commercial companies, complete with sugary sideline sweets in the box…it was definitely a sugar frenzy for days on end at Easter time…needless to say, I LOVED it ;) and not a raw cacao bean in sight back in those days (got some in this year though ;)
So, this year I decided to pass that tradition on (minus the cooked cacao/sugar/dairy concoctions), with my lovely housemates…I prepared their treats and trails before dawn and set everything up…then it was so much fun once they arose to watch them scurry around the house, trying to find their stashes…they both seemed to enjoyed what they found and I got to relive those magical Easter moments and share the joy…YAY :)

On April the 8th I had:

500ml water
1oz shot wheatgrass
500ml water
6 satsumas
700ml veggie juice
3 nori sheets stuffed with hemp seed/flax oil/Himalayan salt mix
1 apple
500ml water
Au Lac meal – mix of Humanese soup, ‘De La Mamma’, salad and mock salmon roll, ‘green balls’ and chocolate/chai pie.
1 litre water

In the evening we were at Au Lac restaurant in Orange County, for a raw food presentation. It was a great event and frankly, any reason to visit this restaurant is an opportunity not to be missed ;) Ito’s creations are just amazing and the mysterious new ‘green balls’ are like a raw food phenomenon…no-one seems to know what’s in them, but they are green on the outside, dusted with coconut crème powder, with an incredible, sweet, chewy, warm, brown centre…served warm from the dehydrator, they are just divine…little plates of them will appear from the kitchen, inspiring intrigued onlookers to order more…and there seems to be something almost clandestine about them – they’re not on the menu and no-one really knows what they are it seems, but…it really doesn’t matter – they taste so great and when they’re being made by Ito, you know there’s just a WHOLE lot of love in those little green balls… ;)

Today I have had:

500ml water
700ml tea
700ml veggie juice
bunch of loquats
500ml veggie juice
500ml water
figgy/halvah coconut wrap with coconut ice cream and raw chocolate
500ml cinnamon tea
500ml water
herb salad/raw hummus/black olives
water of one young thai coconut with green powder
400ml water

Mmmmmmmm, loquats are in season…bought mine from an outrageously sweet little old Chinese couple at the Farmer’s Market who told me that the loquat season is short, so it’s a great idea to grab them while they’re available…which indeed I did…wow, they’re so delicious – little orange droplets of soft-fleshed, peach-like yumminess…(see pic above)
This evening we went to visit Storm and Jinjee’s beautiful new retreat space – they’re holding space for individuals/groups to gather there and share being 100% raw vegan together. It’s a beautiful setting – the grounds have massive scope for exercise, as would naturally be the case around Storm ;) We went out to explore and I ended up playing basketball for the first time in perhaps…10 years…it was soooooooo much fun – and I found I was surprisingly accurate with my shots, which never used to be the case as a teenager – I LOVED basketball back then, but was far from being considered a great shot ;) tonight I was making about 90% of all shots I took…wow…yet another benefit to attribute to the raw food lifestyle ;)
All love,
Angela. xxx

(BTW - for years now, I have signed off all my messages with 'xxx'...tonight a new friend here in the States just shared with me that in the US, 'xxx' is one of the ratings given to pornography ;) lol...apparently it is in fact the most 'hardcore' rating given...hmmmmmmm...soooooo...for all you readers out there in the US who make this association too and have perhaps been wondering why I sign myself off this way...these three little xs are, to me, KISSES :)...nothing more suspicious than that, I assure you ;) so...now I'm wondering if I will perhaps begin using smthg else instead...but mostly feeling resistant to changing it, so...hopefully this little message here will suffice for now to clear this matter up...and we can keep the kisses flowing ;)


  1. Angela,
    I doubt that anyone reading your blog made that connection....as most people understand x's to be kisses.
    If you like you could do XOX as o's are hugs.
    Silly of them to mention that to you and shows where part of their mind is......so keep on with the xxx's it's all love

  2. Angela
    Looking more closely at your signoff, I realize it's the placement of the xxx's that made them say something to you. It is more customary to put x's before your name rather than after it...the way you are putting them does suggest that you are XXX rated : )


  3. living in the us....always thought of the x's as kisses.