Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Liver Cleanse - RESULTS Day...

SO, today was the ‘results’ day after this 4-Day Juice Fast Liver Cleanse…and it’s been a pretty intense time ;) here’s a little Google vid from this morning…

Yep…it was not the greatest feeling this morning for me…me and Epsom salts don’t resonate so much…I spent most of the morning in fact feeling weak, tender, bloated, fragile and low in energy…and it didn’t seem as if anything was actually coming out of me in the way of little green stones…I have done numerous liver cleanses over the last 5 years and never seem to get the expected results – always just some kind of non-descript sludge exiting my body…and it seemed like this time was no different UNTIL a little later in the morning, my bowel movements started to finally reveal some of those anticipated results – small green ‘stones’ could be seen floating in the water…WOW…it was surprising and they really didn’t look ‘stone-like’ at all – more rubber-like in consistency, BUT, green objects exiting my body none-the-less…they were barely perceptible in the water, which had me wondering if perhaps I HAVE released such things before on liver cleanses and just never realised…I’m not sure…there is also the theory that this green stuff is just the congealed olive oil mixture leaving the body…I found the olive oil with grapefruit juice last night quite yummy by the way…anyway, whatever it was that left me today, it felt like something significant and there was the strong smell of sulphur too…hmmmm…wondering about that…perhaps durian remnants leaving my system ;) I suspect more though it was just some kind of release from an over-worked liver…I have often experienced in my life that when I have eaten too many fats or a quantity of food that my body cannot easily process, I experience ‘burps’ that feel sulphurous, spreading up from my abdomen through my body – like an ‘eggy’ sensation rising through my tract – now today it seemed like the same kind of releasing happening…

Today I have had…

200ml epsom salts/water
200ml Epsom salts/water
700ml water
700ml veggie juice – spinach/romaine/carrot/fennel
5 apples
500ml veggie juice
5 figs with coconut ice cream
1 litre water
small green salad with avocado and lemon
5 figs
300ml water

My body was really not interested in food today until about 3pm, when I mono-mealed apples. Until then I felt just very bloated and uneasy, mainly…have been running backwards and forwards from the bathroom all day…I am still releasing green 'stones' now, by the masses, at nearly midnight...I had considered breaking this fast too with prunes, but am now glad I didn't, given the amount of times I have been running to the bathroom today energy steadily picked back up through the day though and I even participated in Passover celebrations this evening ;)

Lots of questions have been coming in today about Liver Cleansing – here’s a summary of my responses to hopefully cover the bases…
We used the book: 'The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush' by Andreas Moritz....he recommends using either grapefruit juice OR orange and lemon together with the olive oil - it seems perhaps that orange juice on its own would be too sugary...then for the Epsom mixture, we used 4 tablespoons of epsom salts in 24oz of water. That was then divided into four jars - 6oz in each and taken on 4 separate occasions - 2 before the olive oil drink and 2 the next morning.
If you find the Epsom salts really unpleasant, you can use Natural Calm instead:
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SO, this has been a great experience overall and I’m DELIGHTED to have finally seen the ‘green stones’ result after all these years…I don’t feel any real clarity about whether this has perhaps happened before and I didn’t realise, or why it DID happen now if not before…(perhaps Juice Feasting…) but regardless of any of that, the point for me is that some more healing seems to have happened for me during this cleanse…I do sense though that for this body, if I were to do such a cleanse again, I would use the Natural Calm rather than the Epsom salts, as they feel SO harsh to me – or perhaps just a weaker dose of them…

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All love,
Angela. xxx

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  1. Is any weight lost during this liver cleanse then? And if so, does it remain off or come back pretty soon afterwards?