Monday, 23 April 2007


What a phenomenal weekend this has been for me in Chicago…I had no real idea what this city was all about before coming here, yet have found it thoroughly entertaining and enjoyable ;) It's simply buzzzzzzzzing with raw activity and green fun…in fact, I heard today that it has been ranked as the 2nd 'greenest' city in the world, after Amsterdam…wow…I definitely landed on my feet this week ;) Friday night was the surprise 60th birthday party for Karyn Calabrese, local raw food educator who has been sharing the raw/healing message with diners here at her restaurants for decades…she looks beautiful and inspires so many here on their path to greater health…it was great fun to share in the surprise celebrations at her place, with exquisite raw cuisine (catered in part by Juliano) and wonderful company, with lots of raw foodies from both near and far in the city for the weekend's Green Festival

On April the 20th I had:

500ml water
700ml green juice
700ml durian/cacao shake
500ml water
handful of dulse
500ml water
600ml green juice
plate of raw party food at Karyn's - rawviolis, salad, pizza, chocolate brownies
400ml amazing green mint drink - mint, rejuvelac, honey lemon - yummmmmmmm
1 litre water

Green Fest this weekend at the McCormick Centre in Chicago has been completely fact, it was the first Green Fest held in this city and the organisers said they'd never had such an incredible turn-out or energy for a first highlights included:

*seeing such a BIG raw presence there - many raw booths and people, including David Wolfe, who gave a very entertaining speech about cacao on Sunday...
*the fact that I literally didn't see an unhappy or moody person the entire time - everyone seemed happy...
*perusing the incredible eco-clothes - made mainly from hemp, cotton and bamboo - mmmmmmmmmm ;)

*hearing Howard Lyman (the raw/vegan cowboy) share on the importance of taking care of topsoil - aaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...I hear that message SOOOO clearly - composting and organic growing are so dear to my heart...compost compost compost. please. just do it. He shared that in the last couple of hundred years, 75% OF THE TOPSOIL has been depleted in the US...PLEASE your part in your area...(composting is only part of the solution of course, but the part that resonates most for me...)

On Saturday the 21st of April I had:

1 litre water
500ml cacao/banana smoothie
greeeeeeeeeen platter of romaine, sunflower greens, sprouts, dehydrated marinated eggplant and raw dolmas
300ml water
Bits of raw smoothies and cacao
piece of raw lasagna
raw cheesecake
1 litre water
3 cacao smoothies
2 litres water

Ok, this was SUCH a crazy day and night in terms of cacao intake for went on literally alllllll day...the vibe at the Green Fest was so high and I was so totally BUZZED off the cacao too - it turned into one of those days where the veils of reality got so thin I felt like I could literally almost see spirit from the corner of my was an amazing day...the after show party at the Social Butterfly club was SO much fun...Wolfie served up intense cacao blends from behind the bar all night and I danced like a BANSHEE on the dance floor - I LOVED IT so much - after a day of talking to people and being much more 'in the head', it felt so incredibly GREAT to disconnect from speaking and get into my body and dance...the cacao craziness was all through me though and sleep didn't happen until the wee small hours...

On Sunday the 22nd I had:

1 litre water
shot of wheatgrass
intense veggie juice with hot pepper and garlic
peppermint tea
1 pear
2 satsumas
1 papaya
bunch of grapes
1 litre water
400ml veggie juice
kale salad with dulse, olives and avo
1 litre water

After the madness of saturday, this day was all about water-rich foods for me...all the fruits and greens felt very good and cleansing...NO cracao today... ;)
So, today - Monday the 23rd - a radio interview I just did with Dagger of High Vibe radio is on goes out 9am and 7pm EST today on Tribeca radio, plus is available all the time, free, as a podcast from their website...Dagger is another fantastic interviewer who I really love to share with...he asks great questions...ENJOY ;)
All blessings for now,
Angela. xxx


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