Monday, 2 April 2007

Liver Cleanse Day 4...

Tonight is the full moon in Libra – the Full Moon of ‘All Our Relations and our ability to relate and listen deeply to them’, according to Lisa Dale Miller

“A Full Moon in Libra asks each of us to practice one particular relational skill: listening attentively with an open heart, an open mind, and without interruption or feedback. Think of this day as an invitation to enter into a sacred circle with every one and every thing you encounter. Talk less, listen more and learn from every word, every movement, every intimation, and every action.
This is the Full Moon to gather with others and celebrate togetherness, commonality, love and peace. It is important to fully experience how your actions affect the people in your life. Libra perceives the differences, but understands that our underlying commonality makes it impossible to do unto others without simultaneously doing the same to ourselves.”

Read her whole beautiful piece on this full moon, here:

Today has been a wonderful mix of delightful juice and less-than-delicious Epsom salts…see this YouTube video to hear more…

Today I have had:

500ml water with lemon juice
500ml orange juice
200ml intense dark green juice
1 litre apple/celery/cucumber juice
500ml water
700ml carrot/beet/cucumber juice, with 2 tsp Greener Grasses powder
800ml carrot/romaine/spinach/apple juice
200ml water with Epsom salts
500ml water
200ml water with Epsom salts
300ml water
½ cup olive oil with ½ cup grapefruit/orange juice

WOW...I have truly felt like multi-coloured bodily function girl these last 4 days…all kinds of coloured things coming out of me – greens, reds, blacks…and tomorrow morning will just be adding to it, all being well – green and yellow bile stones from the liver and gall bladder are due to rain out tomorrow morning, after ingesting more of the Epsom salts…hmmmmmmmmmmm…

See you on the other side, beautiful people ;)
All joy,
Angela. xxx

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  1. hi Angela. where do you get the "recipe" to the liver cleanse from?
    Regards Anne