Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Calling all Juice Feasters... ;)

Yesterday saw the first ever Juice Feasting Teleconference Call. I really enjoyed it and MUCH has unfolded today as a result…one of the most exciting things being that I have now created a FREE Google Group called ‘Juice Feasters’ for connecting. I am really excited about this – I have been looking for a user-friendly way to help people connect around Juice Feasting for the last couple of months and this seems like a great solution to me.

You can see the group and join up here:

Here are some of the features I’m impressed with so far:

We can:

*post messages/ask Qs

*upload files and pictures to share
(I have already uploaded a few items)

*co-create and add to web pages within the group space (VERY cool). Everyone can participate in this – I have already put up permanent pages today for links, recipes and top juicing tips. We can create pages on anything related to juicing and anyone can add.

*easily follow conversations, which are grouped together logically

*create our own profiles for each user, with picture, info, location etc – so you can see who else is onboard and in your area/time zone to connect with…

*receive new messages by email to stay updated or just go and catch up online whenever you choose to.

you can visit, register yourself and start connecting in today with others on this path…HURRAY :)

I am also REALLY happy to say that following on from the free Juice Feast Conference Call yesterday, next week I will begin hosting a NEW 4-week long series of Teleconference Sessions on Juice Feasting.
The sessions will be on Monday nights, starting on April the 16th…
To read more about the calls and sign up, see here:,shop.product_details/flypage,shop.flypage/product_id,36/category_id,12/manufacturer_id,0/option,com_virtuemart/Itemid,55/

On Tuesday April 10th I had:

500ml water
500ml tea
sliced apples topped with goji/strawberry/lime juice/figs sauce
700ml veggie juice
800ml water
banana/chocolate crepes with coconut ice cream
800ml water
500ml celery/red pepper/garlic/hot pepper/orange juice
500ml tea
kale salad
600ml water

In the afternoon I went running for the first time in a loooong time. It felt really great. I love the feeling jogging gives me of everything being given a huge shake up. It feels really rejuvenating to me, especially here out in the warm sun…love it…

Today I have had:

500ml water
500ml tea
700ml veggie juice
500ml water
700ml veggie juice
meal of durian blended with fresh vanilla bean and coconut water, stuffed in romaine lettuce leaves with banana/choc crepes
500ml peppermint tea
1 litre water
500ml water
500ml peppermint tea
500ml water

The durian meal in the middle of the day today was enough solids for me for the whole day, Durian is SO dense for this body to handle…LOVE it though – and WOW, combined with a fresh vanilla bean, it was totally lush…here’s a bizarre article a raw foodist recently forwarded me about genetically modified durian – yes…someone has cross-bred the smell out durian…

Hmmmmm…I am fascinated that a man would choose to devote over 3 decades of research into removing the smell from a fruit…lol…wow…humans are so fascinating to me…
Here’s a great line from the article:

"There is probably no other fruit that elicits such passion — and revulsion — as the durian."

And another:

"Rarely does durian season pass without newspapers somewhere in Southeast Asia reporting a durian death. The fruit, which is rich in carbohydrates, protein, fat and sulfurous compounds (thus the smell), is said here to be “heaty,” and can therefore be deadly for those with high blood pressure…"

Lol…the article also concludes that he is now trying to breed out the spikes from durian too…hmmmmmmmm… ;)

All blessings,
Angela. xxx

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  1. Have you guys tried this coconut water?

    My friend gave it to me yesterday... I love it!