Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Back on form...

Well, well, well…what a difference a day makes, eh? I am feeling SO much better today – thank you for all the beautiful messages of support that came in :) I basically slept through the worst of my illness last night and woke today feeling much more together and have felt totally energised and back to full-speed all day…wow…such a huge turn-around from feeling barely capable of even moving last night…like a phoenix from the ashes of detox... ;)

So, today I have had…

400ml (1.5 cups) water
1.5 litres (1.5 quarts) pineapple/blackberry/spinach/celery/parsley juice
1 litre (1 quart) watermelon juice
500ml (1 pint) water
2 tbsp pollen
1 litre (1 quart) beet/carrot/chard/aloe/cayenne
450ml (1.75 cups) orange juice with hemp oil

which would make…4.85 litres of liquids or…1.28 gallons…the last veggie juice of the day tasted really nasty to me…lol…wow…I feel like I need to be working towards simpler and simpler combinations at the moment and this kind of mix just isn’t serving me anymore…
I have been reading a few different things about juice feasts the last days and am a bit baffled to hear that many people find it difficult or just don’t fit in the suggested minimum of a gallon of juices a day…I wonder why that would be? I feel like for this body it’s important to get at least that much, just to keep going…I usually have at least around 1.5 gallons a day and don’t feel I could deal with having less than a gallon daily on this feast…interesting…how different our experiences can be…we are truly all so individual and listening to our own intuition about what we need really serves us best…no-one else can ever fully know what it feels like to be you, in your body…

Ok, the questions have been stacking up as I did not write so much yesterday…here we go…

I get really tired and spacey when I eat some fruits and fruit juices, is it from the sugar? I noticed that you mentioned it here that you get spacey..are you losing weight?’
Yes, the fruits tend to ‘spike’ up our blood sugars and for me, can set me off balance and into feeling spacey, irritable, ungrounded and full of energy that needs using. If I use that energy, by doing some exercise for example, I can balance out that spaceyness and feel better, but if I don’t burn that energy up, I can feel very drained by excessive sugar. So far on this feast I have lost at least 15lbs, probably more since the last time I measured.

'Do you speak Spanish?'
Not very well. I can understand a great deal of what is said and what I read, but I don’t really speak Spanish well at this point. I spoke it very well about 10 years ago though and have lots of bits of lots of languages in my head, so I tend to be able to piece things together. I tend to follow the flow of conversations more by the energy of them than the exact words used – this helps me a lot here.

'Are you following David Rains recipes/suggestions daily for your ingredients and amounts or are you asking your body what it needs daily, then following that higher guidance, or both?'
A bit of both. I always get the head of celery and 2lbs of leafy greens in, daily, plus the minimum 1 gallon of juices. Other than that, I go with what my body seems to need/want/request, based on what I have available in that moment. I enjoy getting the celery and most of the greens out of the way in the morning, so that I feel more free to play the rest of the day. Celery does not please me greatly.

'Will you continue to blog once you have finished your juice feast? I'm intersted in seeing how things go as u get back into the eating foods again. And I think I might miss reading your blogs if you were to suddently stop writing!'
Yes, I think I will almost certainly continue to blog after juice feasting – definitely during the feast breaking process at least and very likely beyond that too – it will indeed be very interesting to explore how going back into the world of solids works out…

'I wondered about the vitamix..doesn't that just blend? it doesn't seperate the pulp does it? so that would mean u are still ingesting the fiber?'
The Vitamix is indeed a blender. I use that to blend the fruits/veg, then STRAIN that mixture through a nut milk bag, to separate out the liquid from the pulp/fibre. I do not ingest the fibre – that would be a smoothie feast, rather than juice feast.

'How do you make your watermelon juice? With blender or juicer?'
I make watermelon juice with the Vitamix Blender – blend up the whole fruit if organic – seeds, peel, flesh, everything, or just the flesh and seeds if not – then squeeze through the nut milk bag. It’s a very simple process – so quick. I think in fact it’s my favourite juice for that reason – it takes about 5 minutes to make it and it’s so sweet and simple and yummy and refreshing…

Ok…that’s all the Qs up-to-date ;)
Tomorrow I’m setting out on a little trip for a couple of days or so, to the North, so may not be in regular blogging mode, depending on internet access…
All love to all for now,
Angela. xxx


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