Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Road-tripping in a juicy style...

ok, I am on the road again ;)
This will be brief as I´m writing from an internet cafe, but just to say my trip so far is WONDERFUL...wowowowowowwwwww, I LOVE getting out of San Jose and into the countryside...
I am visiting the BEAUTIFUL organic farm of a raw friend here and it is SO abundant and amazing...jack fruit, wild cherimoya, durian, dragon fruit, watermelon, pineapple, papaya, coconuts, cashews, cacao...just wonderful...and the most beautiful views down the hillsides over the ocean...I feel so blessed...a little house with hammocks and cute yapping puppies , raw honey straight from the hive and plenty of coconuts for me to get my nutrients in...I love it...

So, today I have had:

500ml water
600ml orange juice with hemp oil
500ml watermelon juice
600ml green juice
1.5 litres greens with pineapple and blackberry juice
water of one young coconut
samples of wild cherimoya, cashew fruit and papaya juices
400ml watermelon juice
1 tbsp fresh raw honey from the comb
1tbsp green powder

making...hmmmm...about 5 litres of liquids so far - I´ll probably have more coconut water with green powder was a VERY interesting experiment for me to walk around the farm and take pieces of the fruits into my mouth, mash them enough to extract the liquids, then spìt the fibre out - it felt pretty challenging needed to concentrate and it felt bizarre to bite into something after nearly 2 months of no solids...

I totally missed my own radio interview on KBOO today as I was busy making free to write and let me know how it sounded if you listened to it... :)

Off to visit a raw community tomorrow - exciting :)

One love to all,
Angela. xxx


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