Monday, 29 January 2007

Sweet things...

Reasons behind my feeling happy today:

1. I got a FRIDGE in my new place – finally – I’m so excited – have been here around 2 weeks now, with no fridge…my landlords were searching for one and today it arrived and I’m delighted…it has been an interesting challenge to be juice feasting and using massive quantities of produce a day, with no real fridge – just using cooler boxes and taking things back and forth from the fridge in the house next door, but now I am happy to be done with that particular challenge and to step back into the modern world of refrigeration ;)
2. I watched the film ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ again – soooooo sweet and uplifting, I love it…I only saw it a few weeks ago, but it was really enjoyable to see again – I really recommend it for the feel-good factor, great acting and magic soundtrack…I came out of watching it feeling extra happy and delighted with life ;)
3. I feel so blessed to have great friends and raw beings in my life... My beautiful friend Kate summed it up this way…

Superbeings This is what we mean when we talk about superbeings; people who are so in their flow, so in tune with their higher purpose, so aligned with their inner truth, that they are not afraid of living in their full power, they know they can deal with whatever life throws at them. And precisely because they are so positive, so visionary, so fearless, they attract in less and less situations of stress, doubt, negativity and poverty, and instead create a reality about them that is blissful, assured and abundant. Personally, I think the best thing about being a superbeing is the other superbeings you get to meet.


Today I have had:

200ml (.75 cups) water
200ml (.75 cups) orange juice
800ml (2.5 cups) pineapple juice with green powder
1 tsp kelp with cayenne
1 tsp coconut oil
water of 3 old coconuts with green powder
500ml (1 pint) orange juice
½ packet sugar cane sticks
1.5 litre/quarts guanabana/greens/hot pepper juice
500ml (1 pint) water

which be about 4.5 litres or…around 1.2 gallons…which is not a great deal…today was a bit odd for me with juice flow – I did not have much most of the day, then in the evening made a HUGE batch of guanabana juice with greens, which was really tasty but waaaay too much for me late at night – it was around 3 litres/quarts in total, so I drank abt half and am hoping the rest might still want to be friendly tomorrow…I am also noticing that after drinking it, my scalp is really itchy…feels bizarre…another odd symptom that I seem to experience at times after sweet things…

sweet dreams to all,
Angela. xxx


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