Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Not Pushing the Boundaries...

Ahhhhhhhh, I’ve had a great day today on Day…72…wow…only 20 days left of a juicy lifestyle…eeeek…I feel a little distraught when I think in those terms…when I was 20 days INTO this juice feast, that seemed like such a huge number and such a big deal to have got that far…now that it’s only 20 days to the end, I feel like that’s such a short amount of time…lol…what to do…?

Today I have had:

500ml (1 pint) water
500ml (1 pint) orange juice with hemp oil
1 litre (1 quart) spinach/beet greens/coconut water/green powder
1 litre (1 quart) mozote juice
1 litre (1 quart) ‘5000 volts’ – celery/orange juice/garlic/red pepper
½ packet sugar cane sticks
2 tbsp bee pollen
800ml (3.25 cups) celery/red pepper/pineapple/hot pepper juice
1 tbsp honey
400ml (1.5 cups) water
1 tbsp green powder

…which would be about…5.2 litres or…abt 1.37 gallons
I woke to find my scalp was still extremely itchy today and decided to give myself a huge break and not drink the leftover guanabana/greens juice from last night. It was actually a very empowering experience for me to return that stuff to the earth, with thanks, as in my past I would always have felt compelled to consume the whole thing, without question. I no longer wish to treat this body in that way however, so, to let that drink go, rather than ‘make’ myself drink it all felt really nourishing to me…plus it meant no more itchy head ;)
I actually also ended up giving back to the earth lots of the next green juice I made today after that too…my stomach felt extremely unsettled after drinking the spinach/beet greens/coconut water mix and after a litre of it, I just couldn’t go on…I was extremely relieved however to be downtown, near the juice bar at that time and got a whole litre of mozote (the stomach-soothing, kind-of-gloopy thick stuff – apparently also known as mozote in English…Latin name 'Triumfetta spp.') That really settled my stomach and I soon felt much better…
It is very interesting for me to watch how the messages from my body become more and more direct and acute. It does not feel so easy to ‘push the boundaries’ anymore of what it will accept, as these events today highlighted for me…it feels very clear now what is going to sit well with me at any given moment and what feels less than optimal…I really appreciate that…

All love,
Angela. xxx


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