Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Seven-Year-Old Sugar Shaker...

Today I revisited the idea that:

We go back in time about 120 days for each day of Juice Feasting.

So…using that idea, I have so far gone back in time around 7800 days in my 65 days of juice feasting… :O…wow…that’s over 21 years…hmmm…that would make me about 7 years old then at present…lol…well, that might explain my crazy sugary behaviour today then… ;)

Today I have had…far too many sugars…lol…in the following form:

300ml (1.5 cups) water
750ml (3 cups) orange juice with hemp oil
2tbsp pollen and honey
½ tbsp dulse flakes
½ packet sugar cane sticks
3 litres (3 quarts) pineapple/celery/spinach/parsley/mint juice
2 tbsp green powder
1.2 litres (1.2 quarts) watermelon juice
1 tbsp honey
400ml (1.75 cups) water
200ml (.75 cups) orange juice

which be…about 5.9 litres of liquids today or around…1.56 gallons…wow…I really overdid it for this system with the honey today…it’s not recommended to have it ‘straight’ while feasting at all and I had a LOT of it today…feel high from it and sugared, though not hugely uncomfortable…not crashing or feeling pancreas pain, more buzzy, filled with energy, excited :)...like a 7 year old I guess... but aware that I don’t need that many sugars…
I made an enormous quantity of greens/pineapple juice in the middle of the day too by mistake…then wanted to drink it all pretty quick as it breaks down so fast…so I had 3 litres of that in a short space of time…so, overall there was quite a theme of imbalance to the day for me… ;) and I’d prefer not to repeat those things again…the honey is still doing great healing work on the cut on my finger though and for that I'm very grateful...

Ok…time to answer some of the questions again that have been coming in…

...could you shed some light on your food combining principles, re: the juices? I am a bit confused by the "keep juices separate" guideline I read from many sources and the free use of fruits and veggies together in your (and others') juice concoctions.

Hmmmm…ok, yes, I can understand how this can be confusing. I see it like this: keep melons separate from everything else for ease of digestion. Keep everything as simple as possible for ease of digestion in terms of the combos you create. That being said…greens tend to be easier to get down for most people if in combination with smthg else…SO…whether that’s coconut water, carrots, beets or fruits, the choice is your’s…citrus does not however tend to combine well with greens (except lemon)…apples, pears, berries and pineapples go well with greens, as do most fruits. Combining other fruits and veggies together other than green leafy veg may produce some less than optimal results though in terms of both digestion and flavour…for example, personally I’d never create smthg like…tomato, sweet potato, celery and strawberry juice…that just sounds and feels bizarre to me – too many different things for the body to handle at once…that’s really what it comes down to – how easy is it going to be for the body to read the data and assimilate those foods you’re introducing…hope that makes a bit more sense now… ;)

I found some local celery here in brazil…i read somewhere not to juice the leaves. do you have any information about this? do you juice the whole thing with the leaves?

Yes, I juice the whole celery, definitely leaves and all. The organic celery heads here in Costa Rica are HUGE and amazing products, with healthy long green leaves…rich in magnesium, iron, sodium and chlorophyll in all those dark greens…I say certainly use them…

Thanks for the Qs and continued feedback…keep it all coming ;)
One love,
Angela. xxx


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