Wednesday, 3 January 2007

No-winter-blues blues...

Day 45…and something unexpected is happening to me at the moment. I feel like I’m missing winter and especially the sensation of winter in Europe…this is so not what I anticipated…lol... I have spent the last five winters in cold places – 3 in Iceland, one in England, one in Wales – and vowed to not subject myself to more of that this time round…thus, here I am in Costa Rica…and yet…there is something in me that yearns right now for the stillness and subtlety and ‘down time’ of a European winter…I recall a good friend in the UK remarking to me last year on the importance for our bodies and beings of experiencing the entire range of seasons and cycles, to reach a point of wholeness – the winter time is our true time there for inward reflections and stillness and recuperation of energies…if we avoid that and seek ‘perpetual summer’, there can be a tendency towards feelings of ‘burn out’ for us, as our bodies are used to a different pace…for someone raised in a different culture and climate, with temperate weather year-round, for example, that would of course be very different, but I am northern European by descent and what I’m feeling right now is that if I could be instantly transported back to Iceland for…hmmmmm…a day or two ;) I’d be there in a flash…I might need to borrow a coat or something though…

So…today I have had…

750ml (3 cups) water with lime juice
juice of 1 green coconut with green powder
2.6 litres (2 quarts and 2.5 cups) watermelon juice
2 litres (2 quarts) pineapple/greens/celery juice
2 tbsp hemp oil
1 tbsp kelp with cayenne

making…about 5.8 litres of liquids today or…about 1.53 gallons…pretty simple menu today…I like it – just making up a couple of litres of something in one go, then getting on with life – makes it much easier…I am also LOVING the combo of the hemp oil and the kelp with cayenne granules together. I get some hemp oil in my mouth, then shake some kelp with cayenne in too and it feels really yummy to me – again, like another way to ‘cut’ the heaviness of the fat and get my metabolism up a bit…

Something else that surprises me right now is that I still have body odour being produced – 45 days into this…wow…I feel like I must be a toxic minefield inside…to have been taking almost nothing but pure fresh fruit and veggie juices into this body for 1.5 months and my body to still be producing body odour really says something to me…and you know what? It smells like CAKE…my body smells like cake…well…I guess I ate so much of it in my past that a fair percentage of my cells must be structured from icing and sponge layers ;)’s a bit odd…often in the last few years I’ve awoken in the mornings to find that the palms of my hands smell like digestive biscuits (cookies) …lol…I always attributed that to the fact that in my obese days I could literally sit and easily eat a 500g (abt 18oz) packet of chocolate-covered digestives in one go…wow…now my body seems to be letting all that rubbish go…and considering that a single average digestive biscuit tends to pack in about 80 calories of fats, sugars and processed starches, it’s no WONDER I ended up like I did, eating around 30 of them in one sitting, just as a 'snack'... :O

Here’s a little update for anyone interested in connecting with other people on your own juice feasting journey. Stephanie of Bare Necessities Café has set up this NEW wordpress blogspace for those interested to share together your experiences with juice feasting and find support: - this is an amendment to the previous site that was raised, as this wordpress one is apparently more user friendly for multiple authors…ENJOY :)

I was reminded today of the importance of taking care of myself and my own health and needs before those of others…actually it’s a theme that has been re-ocurring the last few days for me and I just wanted to express it here too, as I feel it’s so fundamental to our journeys and abilities to be there for each other. If I am well and happy and healthy in myself, then I am so better able to be there for others too. I am happy to be taking these steps to really heal my own body at the moment and encourage others too, as always, to take the next step for yourself, to support your well-being and honour your truth…

One love,
Angela. xxx

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  1. Fascinating. I'm trying to lose 100 pounds and documenting my progress online. I'm going to bookmark your site.