Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Analogue girl in a digital world...

I am feeling rather shocked that it is the end of January already…it truly does feel like there are far fewer hours in the days now…what used to be 24 now feels like 16 or less…it all seems to go so rapidly…

Today I have had…

200ml (.75 cups) water
500ml (1 pint) orange juice with hemp oil
1 tsp green powder
1.2 litres (1.2 quarts) cilantro/red pepper/pineapple/hot pepper/mango/celery/orange juice
1 litre (1 quart) watermelon juice with pineapple
1 tbsp green powder
juice of 1 green coconut
1 litre (1 quart) cilantro/red pepper/pineapple/hot pepper/mango/celery/orange juice

which be…about 4.2 litres of liquids…or…about 1.11 gallons
We went to visit a nearby city today and not long after arriving found ourselves outside a ‘100% natural juice bar’…WOW :)…we are so blessed…we tried out a few different flavours and I settled on simple watermelon with a little bit of pineapple. My body’s theme today has once again been about simplifying…it seems to ask for that over and over again now – it just feels so much cleaner and easier for me to handle…the green drinks from today for example felt a bit too complex for me to deal with – too many different ingredients and I feel like it’s just more work for my body to deal with…I am considering the possibility that I might like to lean for a while towards mono-dieting once I start back on solids – just eating one thing at a time, to aid digestion and absorption…we shall see…

Alright, time to answer some of your questions again…

I am wondering about your daily orange juice. I squeeze mine along with grapefruit on a hand squeezer. It occurred to me suddenly today that perhaps you're whizzing the whole lot -- peels and all?
I don’t make my own orange juice here. In the supermarkets here in CR they sell bottles of unpasteurised orange juice, freshly squeezed that day…nice ;) I’m always up for getting juice made by someone else, so get some there most days. If I were to be making my own OJ though, with a Vitamix, I would not feel good abt blending whole oranges, with the peel too, even if they’re organic…I would peel them first…or preferably not use a blender at all – citrus is so easy to juice with simple hand squeezers, as you mentioned – blending would just oxidize the produce quicker and take much more time and energy to prepare, I’m sure…

With all the fluid you are consuming, do you have to urinate more frequently or is your body absorbing most of it? If you go out, do you always need to be conscious of knowing where there is a bathroom available?
I am sure I must be urinating more frequently than pre-juice-feasting, but for me, it is definitely not smthg that I find affects my life very obviously...different bodies have different responses of course though and of 2 friends who have been feasting at the same time as me, one was waking nightly at least once to use the bathroom and the other has the feeling that when he needs to use the bathroom he really needs to and there's no way round it - it needs to be dealt with immediately ;) For me, my body seemed to adapt when I worked some years back as a waitress in a busy restaurant and would often need to ask my bladder for cooperation for long stretches of time. As a result, I can now get by for long periods without feeling the desperate need to run to a bathroom, but of course, overall, I must be urinating more now than in life in general...I do not feel the need to be always conscious of where the next bathroom is – there is always somewhere to go when necessary ;)

I am feeling a little pre-occupied with computer concerns at present – my beautiful, trusty Mac iBook G4 would like to retire after around 2 years of astonishing service and I would really like to let that happen…and yet, there is not yet a new Mac on the horizon to fill the role…if anyone happens to know of a good source for a new/used Powerbook or MacBook, please do let me know… ;)

One love,
Angela. xxx


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