Friday, 19 January 2007

Eco magic...

well, here I am in a beautiful rawfood/eco/spiritual community in Costa Rica enjoying a 3 day's great, very relaxing and HOT here by the's been a bit of a challenge for me to get all the juices I require in a day, but I'm feeling ok...

Yesterday was day 60 for me and I had...

500ml water
500ml orange juice with hemp oil
1 litre watermelon juice
1 tbsp pollen
water of 1 orange coocnut with green powder
water of 4 green coconuts
500ml watermelon juice
1tbsp hemp oil with a little orange juice
300ml electrolyte drink *water, raw honey, lime juice, rock salt*

so...for the first time on this feast, I had NO fresh greens at all in the space of a day...I felt ok though, as I had some green powders and nothing veyr unbalancing for my system - mainly coconut water...
we cut fresh pau d'arco bark from a tree on the journey and chewed it as we went tasted OUTRAGEOUSLY bitter to me and very powerful...whereas my friend found it sweet ad enjoyable...bizarre...I think any lingering candida in my body was freaking out and trying to instruct me to not chew on this powerful stuff...
I sliced my finger open while opening a coconut on the way - that's why I prefer to have someone else do it for - and put raw honey on it to's working amazingly well...
we arrived at the festival with 800lbs of honey to deliver and then went down to the riverside to set up camp and join the beautfiul opening fire ceremony...I have not seen so many 'alternative' looking people in one place for a long time...lots of flowing dresses, dreadlocks and Crocs's like a Crocs gathering...
We danced under the stars to beautiful music and I retired early to recharge my batteries, to face the next day with determination to make green juice...
All blessings,
Angela. xxx

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  1. Angela, rock on! This blog is very inspiring to me. I'm now considering trying to do a green smoothie juice feast, maybe for 30 days.
    I haven't caught up with all your posts, but the ones about detox symptoms have me pondering the most. I swore I smelled anesthesia yesterday when I blew my nose. (I've had over 10 operations in my life).
    Best wishes and thoughts to you!!