Thursday, 25 January 2007

Spreading the raw food vibe...

It was FUN in the middle of the day today – my friend who is visiting made a whole raw meal for the family who live in the house I am staying in…it was a really beautiful spread of raw ‘soup’, guacamole, Chinese cabbage ‘burritos’, a cucumber/avo/tomato/lime platter and so on…it was a totally new experience for them and fun for me too :) we just had the ‘soup’ – which was really juice…and it was fun to ‘eat’ it from a bowl with a spoon, rather than drink from a glass…it was the first time in over 2 months I’ve used a spoon and bowl to eat smthg…it was interesting…it was also easily the HOTTEST thing I’ve had during this juice feast – one hot pepper had seriously spiced the whole bowl of soup up – it felt good to me, raising my metabolism, getting my nose running and so on ;)
Afterwards, the family shared smthg new with us too – they made us some fresh juice with a fruit we’d never seen before called ‘lulo’…it was orange, round, small on the outside and produced a pretty, yellow drink with a sweet, high, slightly sour flavour, kind of similar to kiwi…it was nice to try smthg new and I think the whole experience was also a real novelty for the family…and, as always…who knows what the planting of those seeds of raw food consciousness in them may produce further down the line…? It’s fun to spread the message…

Today I have had…

1 litre water
500ml orange juice with hemp oil
1.2 litres pineapple/celery/red pepper/tomato/cilantro/onion/garlic/chili pepper juice
250ml ‘lulo’ juice with honey
1 tbsp pollen
1 litre celery/apple/beetroot/ginger/spinach/parsley juice
400ml coconut water with green powder

making…around 4.35 litres of liquids or…1.15 gallons…hmmm...not a huge amount...

Ok, some more of your questions to answer…

I can get sugar cane here in brazil. please let me know how you are juicing it? and are you drinking it straight or with water or anything else.
Ok. At the moment I am mainly using sugar cane in the form of packets of pre-stripped pieces of cane that are available to buy in supermarkets here…I also sometimes get little bottles of sugar cane juice from the supermarket too, but it’s rare that they have it and I find it more intense and less ‘natural’ feeling than sucking the juice straight from the cane myself…I also have whole sugar cane in my kitchen, which I sometimes snap sections off of and then strip off the green outer skin with a big knife, then hack down the cane into chunks to suck on…that’s a lot of work though and right now there’s a Green Star juicer here where I’m living and I’m considering trying to use that at some point to run the cane through…we’ll see how that turns out…

Thank you for doing your blog -- I keep wondering: how does she manage to have this life? How do you get your money? Do you have a trust fund? Are you getting everything for free? Please enlighten me!
Lol…how, indeed do I ‘manage to have this life’…? Now there’s a question…I wonder about that too myself at times…giving over my will to spirit/the universe on a daily basis is a definite key for me to direct the energies that come through me more towards that which will serve for the good of all oneness everywhere, rather than just 'me' and that seems to be the most essential thing for me to participate in to keep things flowing as they, I don’t have a trust fund, or get everything for free…I do have a lot of faith in spirit to carry me though…plus a few e-books and so on to sell…my lifestyle is very simple, I don’t really live anywhere or own anything, have no responsibilities like children, mortgages, car payments or anything…my main expenses are food, travel and clothing…I just keep trusting the universe to help me with my choices and do my best to stay true to the flow…it seems to work for me, I enjoy life and I feel very blessed…I hope that sheds some light… :)

Juice feasting in Costa Rica sounds totally incredible. I'm interested in doing the same thing next year, and was wondering how you planned the trip. About ur trip - was it with a company or just with friends? Were you working in Costa Rica or just on vacation? Was there some sort of raw resort there?
My juice feasting here in Costa Rica is more a matter of ‘coincidence’ than a fully conscious choice to do the cleansing here in particular…I ended up coming here for winter and at the same time wanted to juice feast…it just all came together that way…at first in fact it seemed a little disappointing to me, the idea of being here surrounded by amazing produce and not actually eating any of it – just living on liquids…but I’ve since come to really appreciate the fact that I’m doing this here, in the warmth, with cheap produce in abundance – especially coconuts ;) There are raw retreat centres here and companies doing raw things, but my coming here was not really related to any of that. In the future, I will be holding more juice feasting demos, seiminars and retreats here though, so look out for more info as details are firmed up…

One love,
Angela. xxx


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