Thursday, 4 January 2007

My new pictures, Day 46...

Well, here we are then, Day 46 – officially half-way through the 92-day juice feast…and by popular demand, here are some new photos of how I’m looking now – these were just taken today…

Since starting this juice feast back on Nov 20th, I have lost around 15lbs. I was surprised at the start of this process to find my weight had crept back up to 153lbs. Now I am back down to 138lbs, which feels comfortable and good for me - a good size for my frame. I don't feel the cleansing work is finished for me at all though - it feels like there's much more detox to get through, so I will very likely lose more over the next weeks while that old junk clears out, then will re-build to around where I am now. I'm excited for that to happen. A couple of years back someone at a raw pot luck made what was for him probably a 'throw-away' comment, but is smthg that stayed with me from that day. I was telling him how I'd lost around 160lbs and was at that point about the weight I am now - around 138lbs. He looked at me and said -
'oh, so you've never gone completely into the cleansing stage then, when you get really skinny, but get it all out, before you rebuild?'
The answer was no...and it stuck with me...knowing that this was smthg I would like to do for this body - to cleanse it out to a deep level...I didn't come to the point of actually DOING that process though until I am, 46 days in and feeling GREAT - very stable and solid in this process and enjoying it.
It just seems to flow so easily now - I'll get a feeling of hunger and there's no drama, just a simple, quick juice prep and that's it, issue dealt with and on with life - it feels so 'fluid' - no pun intended ;) So, I guess my hope for myself is that by the end of this feasting process I feel like I have once and for all really gone to that level of cleansing and re-created this body to a point where that comment made all those moons ago no longer feels like a shadow lurking on my raw path...

Today I have had:

750ml (3 cups) water with lime juice
1.7 litres (1 quart and 2.5 cups) apple/beetroot/celery/ginger/aloe/parsley
2tbsp hemp oil
1 litre (1 quart) pear/turmeric/greens/celery
800ml (3.25 cups) apple/beet/ginger/celery/aloe/parsley
1 tbsp coconut oil
1 tbsp kelp with cayenne
500ml (1 pint) orange juice with hemp oil

making...4.75 litres or...1.25 gallons of liquids today...
The apple/beetroot etc drink today was absolutely FABULOUS...I just had to take a picture of it to share here as the colour was phenomenal - I've never seen a colour like it - the pinky-magenta was almost neon - soooooo vibrant and beautiful...I juiced the apples, beetroot, ginger and aloe together first, before the greens and WOW - the taste of this combo alone was just amazing...I'm actually excited to get up tomorrow just at the thought of having more juice like mixed in with the greens it also totally masked the celery taste, which is such a boon for me too...YUMMY :)

Today I launched a contest on the RawReform website. To enter, just send your answer to the following question and one lucky winner will receive a $10 gift voucher for, where you can kick-start your own healthy new year by choosing something from their huge range of products – from books to raw foods to kitchen appliances, supplements and DVDs… Just answer this question:

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If you'd like to participate, send your answer to and the winner will be picked at random and announced in february…
Good luck ;)

One love,
Angela. xxx


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