Friday, 5 January 2007

Free From Food...

So…how is life on the other side of the ‘half-way’ mark of 92-day juice feasting? Well…GREAT, thanks :)
I came to a point today of solidifying things that have been on my mind the last few days into a cohesive form…I finally really understand why it is that juicing like this now feels so ‘solid’ to me and natural and easy…

it frees me from thinking about food...

...almost completely. That is something I do not feel I have experienced in my life as an adult. As an obese overeater, my mind was more or less nearly always ‘in the food’ – if I wasn’t actually eating, I was thinking about food and when I would next eat and what I would have and so on…SO much of my time and brain space and energy went into things related to food…life was lived for me literally like a series of opportunities to eat…(see picture to the right of me back in 2000 for evidence...;)
What I experience now is that juice feasting frees me from that whole pattern. Even as a raw food EATER a lot of my time and energy and interest was around food – though my compulsions and patterns were vastly different and healthier than in my obese days, food still occupied so much of my head space…now, on just juice, I feel SO liberated from all that.
Now the pattern is like this: I am working/jogging/watching a film/whatever and get the sensation of hunger. I recognise it and think ‘oh…time for nutrition’. I go to the kitchen, prepare a juice using whatever seems right in that moment for my body and the time of day and that’s it – I go back to whatever I was doing, drink the juice and get on with life. It’s so simple. In between, my mind is almost TOTALLY off food. No obsessing. This is a revelation for me…so liberating…I have unconsciously moved into a space where I have SO much more time, energy and space in my life to use on more constructive things than thinking about food…I am truly grateful for that…I can also feel pretty much secure that my body is getting all that it needs, as my intake is so nutrient dense, I feel and look vibrant and I simply don’t crave anything…wow…what a blessing…

Today I have had:

800ml (3.5 cups) water with lime
1.6 litres (1 quart and 2.5 cups) apple/beet/ginger/parsley/spinach/celery
500ml (1 pint) orange juice with hemp oil
2 tbsp pollen
600ml (2.5 cups) coconut water with green powder
2 litres (2 quarts) pears/greens juice

which be-eth…5 litres of liquids today…or…1.32 gallons

I’m noticing that my intake seems to be getting less and less these days…it’s like I more or less go very little over the 4litres/1 gallon mark for juice in a day…not consciously at all – that’s just how it’s working out…I can see/feel now why David Rain chose that as the minimum threshold for juice intake in a day – that just seems to work as the right kind of amount to run this body on optimally…nice…my choices for juice seem to be getting more simple too and the whole process a lot easier – I just knock out a couple of litres of juice in one shot and then tank up on that and keep going for hours…I’m just finishing my last greens drink of the day as I write this and smiling to myself as I remember HOW HARD it was for me a few weeks back to get my greens down – especially in the evenings – maaaaaaaaan…I was almost impossible…I always had about a cup/250ml sitting there at the end of the night and this scowl on my face, knowing I needed the nutrition, but not wanting to face the greens…wow…things feel so different now…I guess I’ve got very skilled at making good juice combos I enjoy and masking the tastes I don’t like so much – like celery…

I also noticed today that my body seems to be falling into a pattern with bowel movements. My first juice of the day tends to be around 11.30am. Soon after that my bowels move. It always happens like this at the moment: I’ll be drinking the juice and suddenly start to feel pain building in my colon. I will get goosebumps/goosepimples and feel cold and sometimes nausea rising too. Then I go the bathroom and once the stuff has moved through, I feel fine again. It feels like a very natural rhythm for my body to be forming, though the painful bit is not so enjoyable – it always feels like something significant has exited the premises afterwards…and I’m happy for that…

All blessings for now,
One love,
Angela. xxx


  1. Hi Angela,
    I applaud you for the insightful journey you are undertaking. Circumventing society's norms and your own personal boundaries is not an easy matter. I must say I am touched by the spiritual connection you seem to have with the universe and particularly the way in which you allow the experience to just be and learn from it. Very few of us tend to really listen to our bodies.
    I noticed what lovely blue eyes you have. In your 'before' photos they look amost brown. I have read that eyes are naturally blue but that it is a toxic body that is reflected in any other colour than blue. Have you yourself noticed a change in your eye colour?
    I also admire all of the travelling you are doing and the gorgeous places you are visiting. Is this a quest of yours, to experience every coner of the world?
    Thank you for being so inspirational!
    Cheers, Vroni

  2. Hi Vroni,
    thankd for your message, feedback and questions...
    I think you may be right that my eyes have become more blue in the last 4.5 years raw...I'm not certain about it, but when I look at pictures it does seem that way - or at least that there's much more clarity now to them. I'm not sure about any eyes other than blue being 'toxic'. What I learnt from an iridologist is that yes, underneath any other colour on top, all eyes are blue, but the darker colours that get layered over are related to where we have received our genes from and the amount of sun exposure typical for that gene pool. Thus it's like the darkness or lightness of human skin, relative to the places our gene pools have developed. So, people with black or dark skin tend to also have black or dark eyes, whereas people with fairer skin, in northern climates with less intense sun exposure have less need for the eye to have that protective layer and we can see the blue more frequently...another theory I guess... experience every corner of the globe, eh??? sure, why not ;) I'm up for that - travelling just suits my spirit very well...I've been 'on the road' for about 10 years now...pretty intensively for the last some point I'll stop and be more still somewhere, I'm sure...but for now I'm just enjoying the flow ;)
    All blessings,
    Angela. xxx

  3. I have noticed that being raw I tend to think about all the raw recipes, and yes, what am I gonna eat next. I to would be excited to break free from that, and eat for nutrition instead of just pleasure. Fasting or feasting is a nice way to break away from that. I hope in my future that I will be able to break free of that addictive cycle. Thanks for sharing your juice feast with us all. Very inspiring.