Sunday, 14 January 2007

New Explorations...

I went out for a lovely walk in the sun today, to check out more of this new neighbourhood I’m in…I went to a big mall I’d never seen before…it contained an intriguing mixture of discount clothing shops, hairdressers, fast food chains, tattoo parlours and punk/goth outlets…the last two were particularly curious, as I’ve never noticed any Costa Ricans with tattoos before, or any punks/goths on these streets…perhaps I’ve moved into a little subculture bubble area here…I found a shop selling stones and crystals to retreat to and spent some time admiring and handling the beautiful pieces…when I returned home I discovered the very sweet owners of my place had cleared out the kitchen area and re-arranged it with a little table and space for a new fridge that arrives tomorrow – so sweet…it really is the ideal raw foodist’s kitchen – no oven/toaster/grill/anything – just a counter top, plug sockets and a sink…perfect…space to cut, blend and clean up afterwards. I love it.

Today I have had:

500ml (1 pint) water
500ml (1 pint) orange juice with hemp oil
1 litre (1 quart) apple/blackberry/spinach/parsley juice
200ml (.75 cup) orange juice
250ml (1 cup) water
1.8 litres (1.8 quarts) apple/celery/cucumber/spinach/swiss chard/aloe
2 tbsp pollen
1.5 litres (1.5 quarts) watermelon juice
200ml (.75 cup) water

which be…5.95 litres or…1.57 gallons of liquids today…muy bien…
Tonight I’m feeling a little spaced from sugars…I feel like I am missing having more coconut water in my intake and less fruit…I will try to remedy that tomorrow…I started doing sit ups and push-ups tonight to burn some of the sugars up - it felt great - I was also really happy to note today that the roads around here are mostly broad, flat and quiet - I think it would be quite safe to cycle, maybe I'll find a bicycle and get around on that...that would be GREAT :)

More questions have been coming in – these are from the delightful Jessica in Brazil…

Curious where you are getting your hemp oil from. Are you traveling with it?
I get my hemp oil from Nutiva – I think it's the yummiest hemp oil in the world – it’s organic, cold-pressed in small batches and so LOVED :) A friend brought some down for me from the US and I keep it in the fridge/freezer here. It needs to be kept cool, so if I go on trips, I always have a cooler with me to travel with veg/oil etc…I’ve become a relatively ‘high maintenance’ consumer in that regard at the moment I guess – trips anywhere involve a huge cooler of organic produce, a blender, chopping board etc… :) I wouldn’t have it any other way though right now…

Also, are you shopping for your juice ingredients at markets in CR? What about a juicer....also traveling with?
There is only one organic farmers’ market here in San Jose, on Saturday mornings. It is nice to go and interact with others interested in health and pick up a few things, but it is all pretty low-key overall – not much variety…I tend to get my produce mainly from the Supermarkets here, which tend to have organic sections (though again, not a huge variety). There is also a great organic home delivery service once a week on Saturdays in San Jose.
I am using a Vita-mix blender rather than a juicer during this feast. It is here in the house I’m in and yes, when I go on trips, it comes along too…

Thanks for your questions,
Love and gratitude to all,
Angela. xxx


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