Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Oh, it's SUCH a perfect day... :)

Today has been a great day for me :) I tried out lots of new things, felt really in the flow and had lots of fun…simple pleasures, but very enjoyable...I love trying out new things...

Today I have had…

200ml water
500ml orange juice
1tbsp pollen
1 litre pineapple/celery/red pepper
750ml spinach/carrot/pineapple/lime
200ml coconut water
500ml water
400ml cane sugar juice
300ml orange juice
2tbsp green powder
water of 2 old coconuts w/ green powder

…which is…about 4.35 litres of liquids or…around 1.15 gallons...

…the pineapple/celery/red pepper juice that my friend made for me in the morning was SO yummy…that’s not a combination I would have created myself, but it was really great :) then I visited a new yoga/meditation/veggie/health centre opening 2 streets from my house and met many lovely people, arranging to do talks/demos there soon on raw foods and juicing…I’m very happy to be connecting with groups of other like-minded people here…
I got all my clothes washed today my the maid who comes to the was so wonderful - she took care of all of my things for around $10/£5...ALL of my clothes are now clean, including all the hand-wash-only things I always procrastinate dealing with myself and all of the things I have juice stains on from the last 2 months of liquid living (which was pretty much ALL of my on everything...)
In the afternoon I actually took a nap, as a few unusual juice combos in a row left my stomach feeling pretty queasy…we laid down for an afternoon nap and it felt really luxurious and nice to me…I cannot recall the last time I rested like that in the middle of the day…I woke up and felt so tranquil and peaceful…it reminded me of being a child in playschool where there was an afternoon nap daily…I felt very renewed after the painful stomach feelings and got on happily with the day…
We then went on a trip across the city by bus, dropping by the centre of downtown San Jose, including the bustling markets…it was the first time I’d gone on a bus here in the city and it felt like a real adventure, with minimal functional Spanish and no idea how the bus system works here...which was fun to try out with a friend…I’d be less keen to try it on my own, but together, we had fun :) we went to the other side of the city to visit friends and go to a place where it’s possible to get organic apples – yum – then returned home to spend the evening sharing guitar music, raw food concepts and friendship with my new landlords…it was really nice…a wonderful day…I feel very blessed...

Hmmmmmmmmm…so, some more questions to answer:

Hey, I was wondering what green powder you are using??
Well…as of today I’m DELIGHTED to say that I have in my grasp again a jar of Greener Grasses, just received from the US…yay :) This is my FAVOURITE green powder – really delicious blend of powdered grasses – mainly wheatgrass, barley grass then also alfalfa, dandelion and a few others…it is very green and very light and when you mix it with coconut water, it tastes like malt ;) YUM :)
I also love Spirulina

When you make your juices in the Vitamix blender, must you add water with the veggies/fruits -- or can that high-tech blender handle just straight produce?
In my experience, you do not HAVE to add water to get the Vita-mix to blend produce well for juicing, but it definitely helps – it means the stuff blends smoother and then that means less heat being transferred to the produce and less oxidization. It depends what you’re working with though. If it’s smthg very easy to blend anyway, like some watermelon, then I would not use water…if it’s more coarse and complex, like a bunch of greens, then I would recommend using some water…
The Vita-mix is however perfectly capable of handling straight produce without the water added, it’s just more convenient, faster and easier to blend if you do use some.

Hasta luego :)
One love,
Angela. xxx


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