Saturday, 30 December 2006

Bringing Juice Feasting to Costa Rica...

Hola :)
Here are some pictures from the trip I just took to the north with some friends here...

Well, it’s been another great day for me here in juice-feasting world…in total contrast to yesterday, I woke early today, at 7am, alert and ready to get going on the day…there was a bizarre amount of gurgling and rattling and shifting about going on in my colon however, that has persisted all’s very unusual – a lot of gas moving through and mucus being expelled, yet no unpleasant smells involved at all…I get the impression that this is a result of the bacteria in my colon dealing with any sugars I send that way at the moment…I’m not sure, but that feels to me like the cause of all this odd gas production…it’s strange, but definitely an improvement on intense pancreas ache, for now… ;)

I made it out jogging this afternoon for the first time in about a week or more…it felt really good to be back out there, pacing the streets…I LOVE getting into that flow and rhythm, when it feels so fluid and relaxed…beautiful…I was very strategic with my juicing too in regards to jogging and made sure I juiced the last of the mamey I had just before jogging:

sugars in the context of exercise = no pancreas implosions – this I have learnt…

I am also interested in starting to do some weight training/toning soon, but feel resistance about it too – my fear of gym spaces rising up to greet me again ;) I know how it works for me though – I just need to go there and get into it – using machines and so on – get past the initial mind hurdle and I’ll settle into it soon enough – things often seem so big and daunting and new from the outside, but once I just start to do them, they flow so easily – like with jogging, or meditation, or being raw…or any of the big shifts in my life I’ve experienced in the last 5 years or so…

Today I really became aware of how much chewing my juices has become second nature to me…I noticed so succinctly because for a moment this morning, I didn’t chew a mouthful of juice before swallowing it – just took it straight down into my body and it felt SO strange…so fast and like I’d totally missed the point…lol…it was funny to experience and to realise how different drinking has now become for me…I also noticed when travelling this last week with the raw primal guys HOW much faster they drank coconuts than me…I would literally still be half-way through my first one and they would be on their second or third…this is definitely life in the slooooooooooow, alkaline, enzyme-active lane ;)

Today I are been mostly drinkin’:

1.25 litres (1 quart and 1 cup) water with lime juice
2 litres ( 2 quarts) pineapple/greens/celery juice
600ml (2.5 cups) mamey juice with pure vanilla powder shaken in
1.75 litres (1 quart and 3 cups) pear/lettuce/parsely/swiss chard/spinach juice
2 tbsp hemp oil
500ml (1 pint) coconut water with green powder
500ml (1 pint) water

which be…6.6 litres o’liquid or…about 1.74 gallons…so, I made it back over the gallon mark for juices again today…hurrah :)

I am absolutely amazed how many people seem to be interested now in Juice Feasting and taking on this transformative journey for themselves…my friend who I was feasting here with in Costa Rica stopped about a week ago, as she felt she had had enough and was going abroad for a while anyway. Today I heard from her that she wants to get back on juice feasting as soon as she’s back here – AND friends of her are all keyed up for the ride too – wow – we’re going to host some juice feasting demos and talks for all those interested here in San Jose – the first will be next Saturday, Jan the 6th at 6pm in a yoga studio here – contact me for details if you’re interested – there are already about 25 people apparently coming…I’m so delighted to see that people are catching on to the amazing healing benefits of this process…all power to you all who seek such amazing positive changes through your own structure :)

One love to all,
Angela. xxx


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