Sunday, 10 December 2006


I have not eaten solid food now for 3 weeks…hahahaaaaa :) I feel AMAZING and the ‘subtle euphoria’ seems to have been definitely settling in here – it has been such a blissful day for me…

Despite eight solid hours of great sleep, I actually found it pretty hard to get up and going this morning. Last night I did an enema just prior to sleeping and it felt very hardcore – it totally wiped me out. This morning was then a bit of a struggle – I felt very low in energy - like there was nothing left in me to run off for energy. I didn't even get through all of my normal morning yoga routine... I also woke with a very definite feeling of frustration at coming back into this human form from the spirit/dream world and get on with the earthly details of life... Once I was out and up and moving about in the world though, I began to feel great – very content, loving and joyful - and that has stayed with me all day :)

I learnt today that raw food bloggers Heidi and Justin Ohlander had added in a piece on this blog to their site ‘Raw Food, Right Now’. Justin had some great thoughts to share on the future of blogging:

“No longer will raw food be a book-only, in-an-ideal-world, happens to others lifestyle; we will be seeing a surge of experiential experiences logged and blogged for the entire world to see from people in many different countries. Massive amounts of real world experiential data will swarm the blog world, inspiring others and laying aside doubt and leaving a trail for skeptics to follow and reassess their positions on diet and health.

It will be incredible.”

Thanks guys, nicely put :) I definitely agree with that…sharing the truth about each of our journeys is an amazing key for grounded, solid transformation and healing…we all have so much to share…

Today I drank:

½ litre (1 pint) water with lime
1 litre (1 quart) pineapple, celery, greens
1.6 litres (1quart and 2.5 cups) watermelon juice
250ml (1 cup) water
750ml (3 cups) coconut water with green powder
600ml (2.5 cups) blackberry/apple/spinach juice
1 litre (1 quart) greens, celery, basil and cantaloupe melon juice

which was…5.7 litres or 1.5 gallons of liquids today…yummmmmmmmmy :)

…we chose to flout all food combining guidelines with the last juice of the day, combining as we did melon with greens and celery (typically melon is always best consumed completely separately from all other foods, due to its extremely fast rate of digestion). eeeeeek...slap my wrist, Wigmore...;) The basil and cantaloupe combo was, however, a surprising hit…yet mentally I could see I was rejecting this juice before it even hit my lips…I’m truly such a sugar fiend at the moment and all those greens just felt like a turn off…the blackberry/apple/spinach juice just prior to that was FANTASTIC though – soooo yummy – my mum used to often make blackberry and apple crumble when I was growing up and this reminded me of that superb combo – tart and sweet and refreshing and tangy and very powerful-feeling…

I went to the biggest mall in Costa Rica for a couple of hours this afternoon and it was quite some experience. I was blissed out on juice and the amazing-ness of life and walked into this extraordinary Mecca of consumerism…and I loved it…and all the people there…I was just smiling at everybody and marvelling at all the lights and people and smells and noises and so on…Costa Rica at this time of year is quite something to experience…there were so many people at the mall it was hard to even walk between shops…this is what has been brought to my attention:

1. Nearly all Costa Ricans get the whole month of December off, to celebrate the holiday season.
2. They all receive a whole month’s extra pay to go Christmas shopping with…
3. All the shops have sales BEFORE Christmas, as they’re competing for that paycheck…(this is the opposite of how sales work in the UK, where they start AFTER Christmas.)
4. Every shop has what seems to me an EXTRAORDINARY number of staff. I’ve never seen anything like it, in any other country. As you enter shops, you are met usually by a guard or two at the door, then by a legion of workers who are all eager to help…it’s amazing – even the smallest shop spaces – little one-room, walk-in, one counter set-ups will easily have 3 people employed, all coming forth to ask if you’re ‘looking for something special’…it can get quite overwhelming after a while…I am baffled at how most of the shops afford to pay so many staff and why they would want so many people hanging around anyway – they often seem so bored, as there are only so many times most people can enthusiastically straighten a row of baby clothes in a day or move around a shoe display…
5. There are masses of children in this country. Absolute stacks of them. It’s a Catholic country predominantly and people tend to marry and start producing children young. I love to see that most people carry their babies here – even tinytiny people are carried around in the arms of doting parents in bustling crowds. I love to see that, rather than the child separated out and isolated in a push-chair or buggy at arm’s length…there were kids everywhere I turned in the mall today – in arms, in ball pits, painting pictures on the floor, choosing gifts in shops, posing with Santa on a stage – and the vast majority of them seemed so content – I think I saw one child crying the whole time there…it really does seem to be a very kid-and-family-friendly place…most women seem to be either walking with or carrying kids or pregnant…or all three…lol…

I didn’t even buy anything at the mall in the end, but really enjoyed the entertainment it provided me and the chance to observe so much…I think a lot of people there found watching me wander around in bliss, sipping on my green drink from a mason jar equally amusing too… :) life is fun :)

All love,
Angela. xxx

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  1. dear angela,

    not to question your experiences but just wondering.. is it possible that one gets euphoria after 3 weeks of juice fasting because you aren't getting enough nutrients and depriving your brain of oxygen?? this definitely would make you feel euphoric.

    i'm not trying to be negative, just trying to be unbiased when reading and leanring about juice fasts and raw food etc.. because i think one has to have a bit of a scientific bent, as well as spiritual and practical concepts (and yes, these can all go together IMHO).

    this would also explain your extreme lack of energy.

    i also think it's a little dangerous to attribute all symptoms or feeling unwell to detoxification, instead of considering the possibility that your body cannot handle this or you are in fact endangering yourself. i think it's hard to listen to your body completely sometimes because we have lots of emotional, habitual and mental barriers perpetuated by different sources.

    liquid food for thought, is all.

    i wish i had your stamina and perseverance though and still wish you all the best! i love reading your blog.

    perhaps one day i will try juice fasting and then all my doubts will be cleared :)

    peace, love, light