Saturday, 9 December 2006

Today's menu: abundant euphoria...

Ok, so today is DAY 20 of my juice feast – the next big landmark – wooo-hoo :) So happy…according to David Rain, ‘somewhere between days 19-21 is generally where real subtle but significant euphoria sets in. That is wonderful! One interesting note on extended Juice Feasts: significant life-changes occur during Feasts.’…NICE :) well, here we are right in the middle of that day 19-21 time frame and it’s definitely been a great day :) started early after only abt 6 hours sleep, but felt bright and happy and alert and have contunued to feel good all day...

The extraordinary news is that as another week has passed since I last did the calculations for the cost of this juice feast per day, I did some sums again today and am shocked at the results:

Total amount spent this week per person: $37/ £19
= $5.29 / £2.71 per day

WHAT??? I am really shocked at how cheap this is here, if I have truly not missed anything out – I am searching my brain, trying to remember anything not noted down, but it seems like this is the right total…wow…that’s incredible…less than $40/ £20 for a WEEK of optimal nutrition…

Today I have had:

½ litre (1 pint) water with lime juice
200ml (2/3 cup) sugar cane juice
200ml (2/3 cup) gelatinous gloopy stuff…
1 litre (1 quart) orange/celery/cucumber/garlic juice
250ml (1 cup) water with lime juice
1.5 litres (1 quart + 1 pint) greens with little coconut water
600ml (2.5 cups) coconut water with green powder
1.75 litres (1 quart + 3 cups) pineapple/celery/greens juice

which means this body has received…6 litres or 1.59 gallons of liquids today…hurray…

Today I tried eating coconut butter for the first time on this feast. It was an interesting experience. It was refrigerated, so completely solid and cold and melted in the mouth. It felt fun to have something different, but overall felt a bit heavy and I felt a bit spaced afterwards too. I had quite a few unusual things for me today actually – a good day of variety – we went to the organic farmers’ market and I got one glass of the still un-identified gloopy linseed-soak-water-like stuff and one glass of sugar cane juice which was INTENSELY sweet and amazing…then I had a whole litre of green juice with cucumber and garlic in it. I have not had garlic yet on this feast and could feel it getting to work in my body. We also got an organic delivery today – so we are surrounded by amazing produce right now :) sooooooooooo happy to have cucumbers again after a three week shortage and we also now have: strawberries, blackberries, APPLES (YAAAAY), canteloupe melon, basil, pumpkin, watercress and peaches…wow…we are going to having FUN the next few days :)

I had my first ever pedicure today :O…wow… that’s really not a very ‘me’ thing to do…but it was fun…the pedicurist was quite entertained by both the green drink I was sipping and my screeching and wriggling as she coaxed my feet into a smoother state…and I came out of it with shiny, happy feet…they felt incredibly soft afterwards. I was happy for them – I don’t have a great track record of taking care of my feet – they were too far away for me to easily reach when I was obese, so I neglected them quite a lot…I always needed someone else to cut my toenails for me as I simply could not reach – even tying shoelaces was a struggle back then – so they have a lot of healing to do and today was a great occasion for them :)

With thanks and appreciation to every part of my body that has worked so hard all these years and experienced so much – this cleanse is my gift to you all – may you now happily expel the toxins and rejuvenate in joy :)

All love,
Angela. xxx


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