Friday, 29 December 2006

Productivity, pears and pancreas pains...

:) Today has been a great day for me – really productive…I put up a new ‘Before and Afters’ photo page on the RawReform website, among other things – which has been a loooooong time coming…check it out HERE

Today I have had:

1 litre (1 quart) water with lime juice
1.7 litres (1 quart and 3 cups) greens/celery/apple/turmeric/ginger juice
1 tbsp hemp oil
1.5 litres(1 quart and 1 pint) pear/lettuce/parsley/spinach juice
1 tbsp pollen
1 tsp coconut oil
juice of 1 young coconut
500ml (1 pint) water

making…about 5 litres of liquids today or…about 1.3 gallons…wow…I think this is the first day of this feast so far that I have not had the recommended 1 gallon of juices in the space of a day…though I have had all my celery and greens quota...I just don’t feel to have more juice right now…I woke really late today after a really long sleep – over 10 hours I think…felt really groggy and lethargic, slow and unwilling to do anything…it was bizarre…I went from that to having a really enjoyable and productive day, but have felt bloated and easily full on very little all day…think I am pre-menstrual…
The pear juice was ABSOLUTELY DIVINE…wow…soooooooooooo delicious to have pears after all this time – they are my favourite kind too – the pale green, firm kind…and yet, the pulpiness of them after juicing, compared to the more ‘clean’ juice of straight greens for example felt very heavy to me today – I felt really full after drinking that…again I am left wondering how on earth my body is going to react to solids again at some point, if even thick juices seem filling

I decided to try out having a little saturated fat again today, with a teaspoon of coconut oil…it too felt very heavy and dense to me…I’m really starting to feel like saturated fats just do not suit this body or slow metabolisms in general – they’re just too much for my body to handle…my body has processed and dealt with so much fat in my life and it just does not need any more dense fats to complicate things at the moment…this is smthg I talked a lot about with the guys I was just travelling with…they are both raw primal eaters (i.e. primarily raw meat/eggs/fish/dairy products/honey etc) and used to both be raw vegans. We were talking about different approaches to being raw and what seems to work for different bodies…we came to a semi-conclusion that for both of them, as guys with high metabolisms who are interested in bulking up more, the raw animal products, with their heavy, dense fats and proteins are serving them well. Whereas for someone like me - a woman with a slow metabolism and a history of obesity and a toxic lifestyle, being raw vegan is so much more appropriate – avoiding the heavy and dense foods and giving my body space to clear out…it was an interesting contrast to examine…

In a general 'health round-up'...
*I no longer get mouth ulcers (canker sores) from any juices and have not done for weeks,
*I feel no more pain in my pancreas for now and feel like my body helps me to choose balanced juice combos during the day to prevent pancreas pain arising,
*I rarely get 'fuzzy teeth-itis' any more,
*I feel very energised and productive right now, once I get going into the day and
*my bowel movements are STILL solid, even 40 DAYS into this... HOW ??? ;)

All love for now,
Angela. xxx


  1. Hey angela, I have been reading your journey and it is really fascinating, I'm loving hearing how your body is reacting etc. I just have to point out one little isssue I have though - you refer to yourself as a raw vegan but you still eat bee pollen and raw honey. I don't consider this vegan and I'm interested to know why you do and also why you don't have a problem eating it, despite the cruelty involved in bee farming.
    Have a great New Years!

  2. Hi Freedom,
    thanks very much for your message, your feedback and the point you raise about bee products.
    I do not consider bee products vegan.
    For me, the label 'raw vegan' is the nearest one I currently have for describing myself in a way that feels pretty accurate without being clumsy - i.e rather than saying 'a raw vegan who eats bee products'. I guess I could invent a new category for myself...'raw api-vegan' has a nice ring to it ;) As I have written before on my site 'I eat like me' - I eat what feels nourishing and healthy for this body, not to conform to labels...
    Eating bee products is mostly a new thing for me since being here in Costa Rica. The people I have been meeting here have been introducing me to the amazing properties of raw, cold-processed, unheated honey and since raw agave appears to possibly be a misnomer, I am happy to have a good alternative. As for pollen, I always used to get an allergic reaction to it, so was cautious about having it here, but have found it to also be very agreeable for my body now. While I am definitely a supporter of animal rights, my personal primary basis for my food choices is my health, rather than 'ethics'. I see all life as connected and do not place different values on living things. For me it is the same if a celery plant gives up its life force to become integrated into my structure as if a bee dies in the process of honey being removed from a hive. The way I see it, we are all connected and life and death circle all of our chains of feeding, on every level. I give thanks and acknowledgment to all of life every time I take something into my body, regardless of its source.
    Hope that clears up any confusion for you, Freedom, about my point of view on these things.
    A wonderful new year and all blessings to you too :)
    Angela. xxx