Friday, 1 December 2006

Scenery, stats and celery...

Day 12 has been a great day for me. I woke early after about 8 hours sleep and felt really good – much more alert than on waking in recent days. I got lots of satisfying work done, made interesting juices to keep myself entertained and went on a really nice walk in the hills above the city here. Wow…it felt soooo nice to get out of the city a bit and into nature…the city of San Jose looked so small and innocent in the valley below, as we towered above on green ledges surrounded by swirling clouds and exotic trees…hmmmmmm…beautiful…

I was excited to do some calculations today. That doesn’t happen often... ;) I began last Saturday to keep note of all our food bills for this week, to see how much juice feasting here costs per day, on average. The incredible answer is that it seems we are spending less than $10 / £5 per person per day on the fresh produce for this feast. Wow. That is amazing to me. The numbers worked out like this:

Total amount spent: $54 / £27
= $7.70 / £3.85 per day

That is incredible - to think that I’m very likely getting more nutrients directly into my body right now than at any other time in my life and it’s costing less per day than many people probably spend on just one lunch. These costs are just for fresh produce though and don’t include any extras we use like green powders, bee pollen or honey. Even factoring those extras in though, I’m sure the figure per day would still work out at less than $10 / £5 per person. Wonderful. How blessed we are…

We also received a Green Star Juicer today to use for the next 10 days, from a friend who is going away. Up until now we have been using the Vitamix method – quick blending our produce, then straining it through a nut milk bag. This has been working really well for us so far, giving us very ‘clean’ juice, with no pulp whatsoever. It is quick, easy and leaves very little mess or washing up. It takes a fair amount of arm strength however to squeeze all those litres of juice every day. So, now we have the use of a top quality juicer to compare over the coming days…we shall see what we discover about our juice prep preferences…

Today I’ve consumed:
250ml (1 cup) water
1 litre (1 quart) orange juice w/tbsp flax oil
1.25 litres (1 quart and 1 cup) green juice (no celery) + fennel, swiss chard, zucchini and red pepper = happy me
150ml (2/3 cup) water
300ml (1 ¼ cup) green juice with garlic
800ml (3.5 cups) squash juice w/ honey, dates, cayenne, vanilla, cinnamon
1 litre (1 quart) green juice

…which makes…4.75 litres (about a gallon) of liquids…wow…not so much today…
I actually have the feeling when I look at this list that I’m still not drinking an optimal amount of water on its own. It feels like I drink almost continually all day, but I’d love to be including more of the h2o juice in that equation…
The green juice without celery in the middle of the day was exciting for me. I decided to leave the celery out as an experiment, as it’s been in every green juice I’ve had so far and I don’t really even like it. It felt great to get a break from it and to have FENNEL instead – I LOVE fennel and it felt really good. The squash juice in the evening was sooooo yummy, but spun me out quite a bit on a sugar-kick…my energy went into a major slump after that and it felt very necessary to get the rest of my daily greens quota in, fast…

Body update:
1. bizarre eye-twitch of yesterday has disappeared, to be replaced by a large spot (pimple) on the opposite side of the same eye…ok then…don’t know WHAT’S going on with that, but am just humouring it…just smile at the detox symptoms and they seem to fade away… :)
2. did an enema this evening – missed it out yesterday as I recall smthg in the literature saying it’s not so necessary to do them every day after the first week or so…it felt really good to get a break from it yesterday, as I find they really wipe my energy out. It was fine to get back to it again today though too. My body is still throwing out black stuff all day, so it feels good to support it in that elimination process.
3. teeth are still fuzzy often, but seemingly not as much as before. Using hydrogen peroxide to brush them seems to be really helping. Mouth ulcer (canker sore) seems to also be retreating slowly, again relieved by the hydrogen peroxide – very happy about that.

Tomorrow we are going to the Organic Farmer’s Market and I’m placing my order now with the universe for there to be apples or pears or smthg yummy and exciting to play with :) supportive vibes to that effect greatly appreciated :)

One love,
Angela. xxx


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