Monday, 4 December 2006

Moon magic...

Start of week three

Every little cell in my body is happy :)
Every little cell in my body is well :)

Today I have had:

½ litre (1 pint) water with lime juice
1 litre (1 quart) papaya and swiss chard juice (WOW)
½ litre (1 pint) orange juice
1 tsp flax oil
1 tsp pollen
1 litre (1 quart) cas juice (Costa Rican guava)
200ml (3/4 cup) blackberry juice
300 ml (1.25 cups) water
1.5 litres (1 quart and 1 pint) green juice with carrot, beetroot and coconut water

making 5 litres of liquids today (about 1.3 gallons)…

Combining fruit with greens in the juice today felt like a key step for me. I am just SO into sweet stuff right now – actually it seems I’m menstrual right now, which would explain a lot for me in terms of the sweet cravings and easily feeling bloated on the juices… having the fruit and greens together really helped me get the greens down today – like a green-smoothie-juice ;) a welcome hybrid…

It has been a high energy day today here. Woke early, after 8 hours sleep, feeling good. The full moon seems to have brought lots of good energy. I went for a long jog, exploring new areas again, getting my endorphins racing. I really enjoy jogging as a way of exploration…I get to see lots of things at a pace that’s not dull, but not so fast it whizzes by and I miss it all…I really feel like I’ve been ‘transplanted’ into this part of Costa Rica, quite out of context, so it’s all new and there’s so much to explore – I take a new jogging route every time, on these winding little roads with no names…today I discovered an Italian deli, a cinema, a bamboo furniture maker and a Christmas tree farm…I get great exercise and also to look at fun stuff in-between…I suspect the locals find me a little bizarre however, bounding into their shops with my jogging gear on, fresh faced and windswept, only to bound out again a few minutes later on my way…

Uuuuuugggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh…this evening as we were juicing, a conversation sprouted, recalling the insane food combos we used to eat before being raw…I found myself in a part of my brain I have not been in for many years, remembering that as a young teenager I used to take cold, plastic-packaged ‘frankfurter’ sausages and heat them in a microwave for a minute or so before eating them with tomato ketchup and white bread…or come in drunk late at night and make obscene calorie stacks before going to sleep – like a toasted white bread sandwich dripping with butter, cheddar cheese, soft cheese and mayonnaise – ALL TOGETHER…wow…I am amazed now that I’m still here to recall these tales, after all that this body went through…I guess perhaps I’m getting back to those layers of toxins right now and that’s why these memories are coming to me…it really is incredible to think what the human body can endure…

I am feeling so great overall, two weeks into this - mouth ulcer (canker sore) is pretty much gone, energy is getting higher it seems, no hunger, skin clearing, no food's really wonderful...I feel so far away from the world of solid foods now - before starting this feast, I was really in the world of food and it seemed like a 'big deal' to think of being without solids for 3 months, but now I'm in this, it really seems so straightforward to be living this way...I am really grateful to be feeling this way and appreciating my path of healing...

All blessings to you for your own healing,
Angela. xxx


  1. dear angela!!
    what a joyful inspiration you are.

    you are not going to believe this.. but i started going 100% raw on the 20th of november 2006, just when you've taken your next big step!!! how crazy is that?

    it happened to be my 25th birthday and i thought it was about time i did something really great for my body. not to mention, after 2 weeks, i've got my (vegetarian and omnivorous) family members drinking vegetable/ green juice everyday! (after an initial "are you crazy, ew!!" stage).

    i live in malaysia so it's both a blessing and a curse.. because i am used to being able to purchase genuine organic fruits and vegies from the markets of melbourne (where i lived for 7 years), but here i get fresh coconuts, papayas, starfruits, rambutans, jambus, pineapples etc so easily!

    good luck on your cleanse, looks like you're doing great, i'm really enjoying being raw at the moment. i'm documenting it too on so head over if you feel like a read :) you've probably read a lot of such blogs though.

    the universe works in mysterious ways.. :)
    peace love and light

  2. Angela--

    All the best with you juice feast journey. You are very inspiring,and I am sending good thoughts and prayers your way.