Monday, 11 December 2006

Exploring pathways...

Today has seen the start of week 4 of juice feasting for me and it also happens to be a month today since I arrived in Costa Rica…wow…it’s all gone so fast…

I woke early today, happy and alert and feeling totally capable of the whole of my usual morning yoga routine, unlike yesterday…nice to be back in a good space…

Today I have had:

½ litre (1 pint) water
1 litre (1 quart) pineapple/celery/greens juice
1 litre (1 quart) greens/celery/coconut water
1 litre (1 quart) cas juice (Costa Rican Guava)
700ml (3 cups) blackberry/strawberry/spinach/peach juice
1 tbsp coconut oil
½ litre (1 pint) water
850ml (3.5 cups) pumpkin/carrot/vanilla/cayenne/nutmeg/cinnamon juice (YUMMMMMY)

which would be…5.55 litres or…1.46 gallons of luscious liquids today…hurrah…

I went jogging this afternoon for about 25 minutes…it was GREAT – it so lifted me. I was feeling sugared-out again and like I was at that oh-so-familiar crossroads I seem to reach so often at the moment of having loads of sugar in me and the choice to either use it and have big power from it and enjoy it, or just sit with it and have it swamp me into a spacey state… :) which doesn’t sound like a very difficult choice at all when I put it like that – but it’s REMEMBERING to act on it that’s the key for me…jogging this afternoon was just great – I felt very strong and exhilarated by it and kept going and going – a lot of it uphill…I am often reminded while jogging of smthg Jimmy once said to me about jogging - smthg along the lines of: 'It's reassuring to know for yourself that you are able to get up and run a couple of miles, easily, with no fore-warning. It's a good skill to have.' Yep, I'm definitely feeling that more and more... Today my metabolism was raised from it and I felt re-inspired afterwards too to get on with the rest of the day…nice…

Another key I have identified for myself of making this juice feast more workable for myself is to start the day with a drink with fresh greens in. The greens, as I keep finding, are the things that do not appeal so much to me at the moment – the celery especially feels like a chore to get through for me, so if I make a drink like the pineapple combo I made this morning, first thing, I feel really happy ‘cos it’s sweet and tasty and alkalising and means I get ALL the celery and a lot of the greens out of the way from first thing in the morning – I have the rest of the day to explore :) yummmmmmmy :)

And now a response to Miin’s blog comments from yesterday. Thank you for your comments and questions Miin – they are very appreciated.
My feeling is that if I were undertaking a juice FAST rather than FEAST, it might indeed be the case, as you suggest, that any euphoric feelings I experience could possibly be attributable to ‘a lack of nutrients’, as often when people fast, they do not take in very much liquid or calories. In this case, however, I am on a juice feast, consuming massive quantities of nutrient-dense material, every day – I am very likely getting more nutrients right now than at any other point in my life so far. Those nutrients are in a highly assimilable form and as my body is not working to digest solids, it is instead doing amazing work to throw old rubbish out, cleaning up my insides and helping my system to run more and more efficiently. So my sense is that my feelings of joy are not linked to any kind of ‘deprivation’, rather just another subtle shift in my life towards more joy :)
Discussion on this point is welcomed, if others would like to post comments/share thoughts on this matter… :) I also started to think today how interesting it would be to get live blood analysis done at the if anybody has any recommendations for where to get that done in Costa Rica, please do drop me a line/leave a blog comment...

All love, always,
Angela. xxx


  1. dear angela
    ta for addressing my q, really appreciate it! get what ur saying + i tend to agree.

    my concern is that bc everything is in juice form, ur stomach + intestines r not doing much work which might be seen as a GOOD thing.. however, it could also be negative as they become "lazy" after a certain period of time + are unable to properly digest the nutrients you require. even if you are intaking nutrient dense substances. i get the idea of giving your insides a rest, but just like any "machine", if you leave it for too long, beyond its natural time periods, it will not work as efficiently when you try to start it up again. does that make sense?
    however, this is just my mind being overanalytical and bringing up points for discussion.
    live blood analyses would be AWESOME if you could get it. i am going to get full bloods soon just as a baseline.
    keep rockin! love, miin

  2. Hi Angela. Are you ok? its been a while since you´ve posted and i miss my daily dose. really hope you´re fine

    Respect Anne


    Yep, I'm VERY well, thanks :) Day 27 and still going very strong on the juice feast...unfortunately though the robots at have 'locked' my blog at the moment on suspicion of it containing spam. They locked it 4 days ago...I received a message saying it would be reviewed and unlocked within 4 days, we are and for now I still can't publish any posts - but THIS is great to know - that it seems the comments are working - so, thanks very much for sending that message Anne :)

    I have been writing every day still, so as soon as the blog is unlocked I will publish them all...
    In the meantime, I am very well and very happy and have definitely not 'fallen off the juice wagon' ;)

    All love,
    Angela. xxx