Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Calling in the healing...

Something that is very prominent on my mind at the moment and that I’m calling in to manifest is to concentrate some of my energy into healing my eyesight. I am very short-sighted and have worn glasses most of the time for the last 15 years or so now. I want to stop. I know, logically, that I do not need them and that I can heal my vision naturally. This entails giving up the ‘crutch’ of using the glasses though…which feels like a big step, but one I am ready for. I have already begun to look at some 3D images to train my eye muscles a little and am trying to remember to not wear my glasses at any point I don’t really need them, like walking along a familiar street, or doing yoga, etc… It is taking some time to get used to that, but I seem to remember a little more each day…I am too squeamish to consider contact lenses and the idea of laser surgery appalls me…so…re-training my eye muscles it is…and being on this feast seems like an ideal opportunity to maximize any healing effects… a couple of months back I actually spent a whole weekend fasting retreat without my glasses, an experience which was really powerful for me and that I wrote abt in one of my newsletters – which can be seen here. I will keep on pulling my attention to this matter of healing, especially during meditation and update on any progress… One tip a dear friend in Arizona passed on to me was to get new glasses made in a lower prescription - a third of the strength I currently have, to let the eyes re-train themselves that way, without facing the huge impact of suddenly NO glasses – it’s an in-between step – great idea…

Today I have had:

600ml (2.5 cups) water
1 tsp flax oil
1.4 litres (1 quart and 2 cups) celery/greens/pineapple juice
½ litre (1 pint) tangerine juice
1 tbsp bee pollen
½ litre (1 pint) coconut water
½ litre (1 pint) water
800ml (3.5 cups) zucchini (courgette) juice with ginger and lemon (WOW)
1 litre (1 quart) greens/beetroot/carrot juice

making…5.3 litres of liquids today (1.4 gallons)…the zucchini (courgette) juice this evening was *divine* - so softly sweet and gorgeously green and kind of creamy and perfectly balanced with the ginger and lemon – felt yummy…

Jogging a couple of miles this afternoon was again a really elevating experience – I get SO much out of it – feel energized for hours afterwards – happy to be getting into a daily rhythm again with it now…yeeeeeeee-HAH :)

It has been SUCH a joyous day for me here – floods of beautiful emails and floods of tears of joy – I feel so blessed. There are so many amazing people in my life and in contact through the web…thank you all…I heard news today that a whole group of people are planning to start juice feasting together next January – WOW – how exciting :) Others have been emailing to look for contacts to make connections and feast together – if you are interested in feasting too, drop an email to angela@rawreform.com and I will try to connect you all together…

All love to you all for now,
Angela. xxx


  1. What about your eyesight 4 (raw) years later?
    Do you know which was your initial prescription?

    I'm trying a similar path (10 months since I used my glasses, and I'm - or was - -3.25).


  2. Do you know which was your prescription then?
    And now?