Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Coconut conundrums...

Today we had a coconut experiment…uh-ohhhhhh…pretty sure we must have been bending some juice feasting guidelines, but it was fun and good exercise to make fresh coconut cream (see picture to right)…the after effects were not so much fun though – guess that was some juicy karma rebounding back on us…hmmmmm… ;)

We made coconut cream by cracking open old coconuts, scraping out the flesh and running it through the green star juicer… I had what seemed like just a little of it, but the effect was quite huge. It tasted amazing, but felt heavy and dense in my body. I went jogging soon after ingesting it too, which my body really didn’t seem to like – it likes jogging when there’s fruit sugars in me to burn up, not when I’ve just had dense fatty stuff…I actually started to feel nauseous while running, then afterwards found my energy really slumped and I had bubbling and gas in my colon, as well as a pain just below my left ribcage…wow – very BIG effects for a small amount of fresh coconut cream, but I guess my body is in such a sensitive state right now, that any effects are dramatic…I guess the net effect of having this stuff must be to slow down my cleansing…but I don’t really see why it’s so different to juicing the flesh of anything else – all the fibre was separated out in a bowl at the front of the juicer and all the liquid collected underneath…and if we’re having coconut OIL every few days…is this really much different…? well, my body seems to be telling me yes

I feel like a kid with my juices at the moment - I only want to put stuff into my mouth if it's sweet...before juice feasting I loved my green juices - they felt ‘sacred’, like a high point of the day - now they've really lost their appeal...others feasting alongside me are experiencing the same's odd... I find the only way to really get myself to have them now is to have them first thing in the day, to set the pace for the day and to drink them quickly – which is aided by my drinking them with pineapple in the mornings as this mixture needs to be consumed quickly anyway, so that the bromelain in the pineapple doesn’t start to break down the proteins too much…

Today I’ve had:

750ml (3 cups) water
1.7 litres (1 quart and nearly 3 cups) greens/celery/pineapple juice
½ litre (2 cups) cantaloupe and peach juice
125ml (½ cup) fresh coconut cream
700ml (abt 3 cups) water
½ litre (1 pint) coconut water
1 litre (1 quart) greens/beetroot/carrot juice

which would be…about 5.25 litres or…about 1.4 gallons of liquids today…interesting mix today – very little fruit compared to normal…this happened I feel because of the coconut cream…as a source of dense energy my body can take either sugars or fat and that fat today seemed to be PLENTY for me to handle…

It feels like a bit of a balancing act right now – getting my body what it needs to function well over the course of the day in a way that’s pleasing to the palate too…amazing work though and I feel so blessed to be having these experiences and making these discoveries about myself. A guy wrote to me today who has completed a 92-day juice feast before. He said that it was such an incredible experience that he just wants to do it again now…he senses a kind of ‘depression’ creeping in after the euphoria of living without solids for months…wow…interesting…pretty intense stuff…

All love, always,
Angela. xxx


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